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yep - and this is what will happen if we ever build past that symbolic 200 meter line - our current "skyscrapers" will be revealed in their true light, that is, not very tall at all.


i like how raising these buildings, from that angle at least, creates a focus point in the skyline. a focus point which is, at the moment, terribly absent. in an ideal world (which we don't live in), the lots of the gare centrale parking lot and the cite international phase 2 would get developed with high rise towers of at 200 meters, if not 250. this would help create that effect of consolidation around the university street axis, instead of the current random sprout of "highrises" here and there in the downtown core...


btw, am i the only one who would've wished the two towers north of square victoria, who's name i keep forgetting, had only been one single, 200m+ building? that location would've been killer for such height ... somehow, it's impossible for me to not have that thought, each and every time i see those towers, even after all these years ...


maybe you could try raising the 1250 r-l to it's original planned height, to see how things balance out ?

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I can't believe i'm actually gonna say this, but they are toooooo tall!! I'd keep 1000 de la Gauchetière at it's current height...maybe increase it by 10%.


I'd make sure PVM is the tallest building in the city at about 245 or 250 meters (basically a little shorter than what you did with it)


I'd make Place Victoria have about 230 meters and I,d increase the height of IBM to about 240 meters. Leave the CIBC tower at its current height. I like how you inclresed the height of the Telus Tower as well as the Aon tower. They are perfect!


I also noticed you almost doubled the height of 1501 mcGill college. Instead of doubling it's height, i,d inclrease it by 50%.


Obviously, when you increase the height of certain buildings, others will look shorter. However, if the lot at 1300 rené-Lévesque could ever see something in the 170 to 200 meter range, it could go a long way to improve the skyline. I'd also like to see something grow right in front of Place bonaventure. it doesn't have to be very tall (150 meters would be good) but it would go a long way in plugging that hole between PVm and Tour telus!

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bad idea ... we already have a gaping hole right the middle of things created by place du canada, square dorcester, marie-reine-du-monde cathedral, the place bonaventure and the gare centrale parking & station buildings. building that tall so far west could only accentuate that effect; in my opinion, if for nothing else than the sake of continuity, future major buildings should be made to be built around the axis of university street, between de la gauchetiere & st-antoine/st-jacques.


this would have the added benefit of leaving pvm on it's own, a little to the north, so it doesn't get dwarfted as much by the new construction.


personally i don't think they are too high in kool's renderings; maybe it's just that they looked over stretched simply because we are so used to see them the way they really are, and perhaps also because architecturally they just weren't meant to be so tall.

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