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  1. see link http://www.ville.kirkland.qc.ca/charlesefrosst no design plans yet but they are working with the city and a handful of citizens. considering the NIMBYS in that area , whatever they come up with will probably be sub-par.
  2. I'm aware of the proposed development on the patch of woods to the west of the mall. I just think for the mall they could have added a highrise on top of the simmons , many malls are being converted this way in other cities (see brentwood mall in Burnaby BC) I also think they should extend the mall closer to REM station (see metro town , again in burnaby)
  3. The city of Kirkland also has a PPU for the Merck Frost (Brocolini) site right next to CF development. Its on their website. Those 2 plots of the land combined can make a true downtown for the West Isalnd if developped properly.
  4. LexD


    Un tramway qui relie Cavendish sud/nord et qui connecte au REM a bois-francs serait génial. Ça enlèverait de l'achalandage a ligne orange qui pourrait ensuite se permettre faire la loop a Laval puisqu'il aura de la place de libérée. De plus , dans le sud ça pourrait combler le manque de transport commun dans les quartiers de NDG et Cote Saint-Luc
  5. LexD


    je pense qu'on parle plutôt des centre d'achat avoisinants (place vertu / rockland) quand on discute le sujet de compétition. pour ce qui est de la QDS et du centre-ville en général, il est peut-être simpliste de ne pas prendre en considération l'explosion de la population résidentiel dans l'arrondissement Ville-Marie. On parle d 'un ajout de 15000 habitants en 15 ans et ce chiffre va continuer a croître. La vitalité du centre-ville est protéger par cet accroissement de la population. Tout comme la popluation du centre ville de Toronto , le soutient contre son midtown (North york) ou comme la population du centre ville de Vancouver le soutient contre Metrotown a Burnaby.
  6. LexD


    Si ce centre d'achat se situait dans un quartier central, qu'il avait un volet résidentiel de plusieurs milliers de logement (de type multi-logement),qu'il avait un volet commercial de plusieurs milliers d'emplois et qu'il était a proximité de 2 station de métro. Est-ce qu'on pourrait toujours le considérer anti-développement durable?
  7. Agglomération = ville de Montréal et ses banlieues sur l’île = l’île entière de Montréal Métropolitaine = Agglomération + Île Jésus + Longueuil + couronne sud + couronne nord Régional = Métropolitaine + quelques villes avoisinantes qui ne font pas parties d'une autre communauté métropolitaine. (ie : Saint-Jérôme)
  8. LexD


    Hey francois yes i did read part 1 but decided not to reply because it would be to lenghtly and was straying too far off topic. I will answer to 2 of your responses that i Believe you to be incorrect (the rest i find common ground) while you are correct that Saint jerome , Lachute , and Jolliette are not part of the CMM, you are incorrect in stating that Barrie , Peterborough and Hamilton are part of the GTA. They are not. And if you google the distance, demographics and economies of these Ontario cities, you will see that they are far more comparable to the QC cities I mentionned. The other reply I strongly disagree with is your assumption that Vancouver started densifying its neighborohoods with the Eco Density plan of 2006. I lived in Vancouver from 2000 to 2008 and i can guarantee you that they have been building highrises all over the place long before I got there. First time i visited was in 1998 and Metrotown centre , Lougheed town centre, Richmond city centre, Downtown new Winstminster, even Coquiltlam City Centre were all in full bloom and even back then they would made TODAY's Laval DT look like a low Density exurb. Where the PMAD is a plan to kick start a form of urban development. The Eco Density plan was more a plan to regulate and make official what had already been taking place for years. Here is an excerpt from the Eco-Density Plan wikepedia page : Since the early 1990s, an urban sustainability approach has significantly shaped the way Vancouver has responded to its growing problem, thus it has become a globally recognized eco-city Asides from that im happy to move on from our minor différences and focus on other subjects Cheers!
  9. 100% daccord. cette rénovation du centre d'achat est une vision incomplète. Et en terme de maximiser son potentiel, elle rate complètement la cible.
  10. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/west-island-gazette/special-planning-program-details-vision-for-seniors-village Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue council recently adopted a Special Planning Program (SPP) for 5.2 hectares of undeveloped land bordering Anciens-Combattants Blvd. and adjacent to Ste-Anne Hospital. The vision is to turn the area into a seniors’ village. The land in question was transferred to the town a part of a deal negotiated with the previous Quebec government following the transfer of the hospital from federal to provincial jurisdiction in 2016. Mayor Paola Hawa said that because the town owns the land, it was able to put a detailed SPP in place, making its vision clear, before a developer purchased the property. That was not the case with the development of privately owned land in the northern sector. The town’s SPP for the sector did not align with the promoter’s vision and legal proceedings were launched. Last month, town council awarded a contract to the JLL commercial brokerage firm. Hawa said it was important for an expert in commercial real estate to handle the sale. The final sale is predicated on the developer presenting a plan that aligns with the SPP. The SPP’s 40 units per hectare aligns with the densification requirements for what is called a TOD (transit-oriented development). The TOD designation is given to residential developments located within one kilometre of a transit hub. In this case, the village would be near the Exo commuter train station. The development will include around 700 units, with buildings ranging in height from four to 10 storeys. “It’s exciting,” Hawa said of the SPP process. “It’s an innovative rethink of what a seniors’ residence should look like. We are so used to seeing rectangular, soulless boxes. That’s not what we wanted. Seniors have contributed to society their entire lives. Now it’s time for them to enjoy. It’s about respect.” The plan is to have different types of dwellings to suit the different needs of the community, be it independent living for the 55+ crowd or a chronic-care unit, with 10 per cent of the units flagged for low-income residents. Each building will have a distinct look. There will be a footpath through the village park and sidewalks wide enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side by side. The West Island is home to a growing senior population looking for options when it comes time to downsize, but who want to stay in the region. The hospital-adjacent location is a bonus, because Ste-Anne hospital specializes in geriatric care. Hawa said during the creation of the SPP, they had input from the West Island health authority and Ste-Anne Hospital, as well as private-sector health providers. “What is great is that there will be a medical clinic (on site),” Hawa said. “We want to create a synergy between the village and the hospital.” The village might even get agriculture students from the nearby McGill University Macdonald campus involved. “There will be a community garden,” the mayor said. “The students could help set up garden projects.” The possibility of traffic congestion is often a concern when new developments are introduced. Hawa said a traffic study was done and that there will be two access points to the village, off Anciens-Combattants — one will be an existing road north of the hospital, which was used during hospital renovations. Negotiations are underway to purchase the land from McGill University at the extreme north of the property. That would allow for a second access point, at the intersection with a stop sign, directly across the street from the fire station. The idea would be to make them one-way roads, with the road to the south becoming the entrance, and the road to the north the exit. “The challenge was to be creative and innovative, but remain realistic,” Hawa said. “You can come up with the best plan in the world, but if you can’t find a promoter who is interested, it won’t work. We want the promoter to think ahead. Don’t build for the year 2020. Think about what the world will look like in 2040.” Hawa estimated the sale of the land to be completed by autumn 2020, with shovels in the ground by spring, 2021.
  11. LexD


    Il commence avec la phase 1 (le rendu original) il va avoir un volet résidentiel par la suite, c'est un projet de 10 ans. pour les premières années nous allons selon voir le développement des hôtels et du centre d'achat. L'administration Plante a demandé de réviser le nombre de logements résidentiel et je crois que la ville de Mont Royal veut une révision a la baisse aussi dans le résidentiel. donc il va avoir du changement de ce coté la. Carbonleo a décider de commencer le développement de ce qui a été déjà été accepté par la ville de Mont-Royal. (plan original). Alors pour ceux qui sont pour ce projet, devront se contenter de voir des grues, parce que normalement s'il a des problèmes comme ça on commence pas a développer. J'imagine que les relation sont bonnes et la communication fonctionne bien entre tous les parties concernés (sauf le publique lol).
  12. Tu as 100% raison, de plus, le terrain est déjà acheté par un développeur pour convertir en usage mixte haute densité. voir lien. https://globalnews.ca/news/4872342/dorval-gardens-sold/
  13. Effectivement ca serait une excellente idée d'avoir un lien souterrain piétonnier qui se rend directement au terminus dorval (ou j' imagine se situe l'emplacement de la station REM proposée). Le lien présentement pose danger. Faudrait revoir tout ça s'il vont de l'avant avec la prolongement de la ligne.
  14. Ah ok , si c'est juste pour le ressortir, pourquoi pas utiliser le station nord du centre d'achat? (en face du laBaie) c'est moins loin et ce centre d'achat n'est pas achalandé (il sera eventuellement demoli et ce terrain sera aussi requalifier pour usage mixte haute densité.