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    IT guy, saxophone player, engineering enthusiast.
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    Whatever gets me out of the house.
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  1. I am pretty sure they are redoing the side wall.. they cant call this a luxury rental property with that nasty looking cement wall..
  2. Ouin pour une belle vue sur l'esplanade de PDA, mais pas vraiment sur les spectacles.. la scene reste looooin de la, ils vont peut etre voir des petits dots sur la scene.
  3. Thank god for thos 3-4 petites batissent, if if wasnt for them the sight of this empty lot would be even worse since the Spectrum was demolished... I say keep them!
  4. All this back and forth, changing the project, wasting money and time.. Its not even that big of a park, maybe they should just start bulding this already? How many years more are we going to have to wait, werent they suposed to start construction this january 2019? #loosingpatience
  5. How are they going to fit a Super C in that building? knowing there is already an econofitness + a few condos in there.. Plus, Im wondering if they have underground parking?
  6. Exactly, parking + 2 lanes during winter, and fully pedestrian during summer (or enlarged side walks + 2 lanes). Thats the winning design, already in place near complexe desjardins. All they need to do is stretch the same idea to Atwater.. I just dont get the 1 lane design and no parking.. dommage, what a mess St catherine will become.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply Clark des Arts is where I live , there is an empty lot just in front, and the green dot on the "Projet Immobilier Octobre 2018 en etude" map is right on the lot. wanted to get more information on whats coming.
  8. Question a bit out of context, but how can I get more info on the project seen on the map in the intersection with Rue Clark and Evans? I tried to search on the website but no luck... Merci!
  9. Not really big news but all websites related to the project were taken down.. maybe something new is coming?? Tour Bleury - Canderel Tour Jeanne-Mance - Canderel
  10. 2050 st laurent is the gray building on the left.. i hope this project includes the empty parking lot and yellow stone building as well!
  11. I have to disagree.. I find the two previous projects integrated MUCH better with the loft des Arts building. This one just feels too bulky and misplaced.. but I hope my opinion will change as I see the finished result