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  1. Maisonneuve

    Coupe du monde 2026 - Candidature retenue - Canada, Mexique et États-Unis

    It will be fascinating to see how they will renovate the Big O. Hopefully they can be inspired by the Olympiastadion Berlin. Built in 1936, renovated in 2004. A renovated Big O should have less of a 1970s feel and colour scheme.
  2. I prefer the first version too, even if the towers required more creativity. It would have made more of an impact overall on the downtown area. This supposed new version looks like something they would build in Longueuil or Dix30. This is very disappointing. Then again, we trust that Montrealers who live in that area know what's best for their neighbourhood.
  3. Maisonneuve

    Échangeur Turcot

    Once the Turcot is completed and the new highway 20 is open, there are plans to develop the land where the existing highway is. That land between the new highway 20 and the canal. Does anyone have any knowledge about serious plans or intentions to develop that land? My desire is for that land to be zoned for buildings taller than the St. Jacques Escarpment. I would prefer a mixed-use master-planned neigbourhood like CityPlace or Concord Pacific Place. It would be a nice way to stretch the skyline of Montreal, because west of Westmount Square there are few tall buildings. Having a mixed-use master-planned neigbourhood would be better than an industrial no-mans land.
  4. Maisonneuve

    Le Grand Déblocage

    Ten years after the REM is built, they should do part of the Grand Deblocage just to make those people happy. Enough with the false dichotomy, we can build the REM and Grand Deblocage. Not at the same time, but in phases. Trainsparence is full of it. When the REM was announced, the Caisse held interactive information sessions in various municipalities across the metropolitan area. The public were able to come and ask questions directly to the people involved. Some of us on here went to these sessions, and they were very informative. I went to one of them. I even volunteered to write some of my questions on paper, submitted it to them, and they responded to my questions via email as promised. So this idea that the REM is being pushed on Montrealers without any transparency, as most people on this forum already know, is pure nonsense.
  5. Maisonneuve

    Nouveau terminal

    I love this project. For years I was hoping that YUL would get an exterior upgrade to go along with all the interior changes. And then this project is announced. Very good news for the city. But what I love about this project, is the inclusion of the REM in the renderings, suggesting that the fix really is in. The powers that be have made up their minds, and that no matter what, the REM will be built as advertised!
  6. Maisonneuve

    Nouveau terminal

    So true!
  7. Maisonneuve

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Rob Lurie is one of the worst reporters on CTV News Montreal. His stories are always laced with incredulity, no matter the topic. Like dude, if an expert makes a statement about a topic, don't say "they claim", "they insist", "they promise", "...but critics say..." as if the expert is some moron. In general, that news panders to boomer anglophones, who for them Montreal was only great during the "good old days" of the 60s. If I hear another boomer anglo speak poetically about Expo 67 I'm going to throw up. That is why the progress that has been happening in the city, on many levels other than real estate development, is not seen or believed. But the more the city develops, with buildings, parks, bike paths, pedestrian areas, and roads, the better it will be for everyone. That's what these CTV News Montreal stories miss. It's not about one project like 700 rue St.Jacques being one too many, but about the holistic, overall idea of what Montreal is becoming. That's the story! But when you have spent the last 30 years pandering to people whose existential conclusion of Montreal is based on the last quarter of the 20th century, it becomes impossible to see anything else but that.
  8. Maisonneuve

    Montreal #3 - Quarterly Office Rental Growth 2016Q2

    This is the link that I broke down earlier this year on April 30 in the "New office towers without jobs to fill them won’t help Montreal" post No.70. As I wrote in that post, Quebec City has a higher GDP per capita than Montreal. Quebec City outperforms many big metropolises, world capitals and top financial centres in terms of GDP per capita (Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, Melborne, and Sao Paulo). These global metropolises are some of the world's great cities. Some of them are giants in the business world. Yet, they all have lower, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars lower, GDP per capita than Quebec City. Even with the much derided bureaucracy of the Quebec state, Quebec City still has a higher GDP per capita than the capitals of Spain, India and China. Quebec City has very positive Overall Performance Rankings in the Brookings data (it's a blue dot like many cities in Western US and Canada!). It also has the same language laws and high provincial taxes as Montreal. Basically, the same perceived negatives as Montreal. That's why I love when you use this Brookings data mark_ac, because you're so caught up in the small world of MTLvTOR, which makes us Canadians look very provincial to outsiders I must say, that you haven't noticed that Quebec City, language laws, high taxes and all, disproves your theory about Montreal. Not claiming victory over angryphones. I sometimes agree with you. Sometimes... I am an anglophone, but I don't like other anglophones who have an allergic reaction to French, and see French as an obstacle to Montreal's success. Don't tell me that if Quebec, who controls its own immigration policy, ambitiously and aggressively, sought to increase its population by 250K immigrants a year, focused on French speaking countries, with the aim of creating/growing our own low-skilled manufacturing industries/markets, growing our retail sector and other sectors of lower middle class jobs for all those new Quebecers, that it wouldn't be good for our economy. Not to mention making it easier for professionals to practice in Quebec. We would almost double our population in a generation, with millions more French speaking people. Such a Quebec would be more diverse and less insular, more prosperous and less stagnant, and by sheer number, much more French. It's not the language, it's our approach to society building in Quebec that has to change. When this place starts thinking big with it's immigration strategy and sees the world's over 200 million francophones as an opportunity and not something to legislative and discriminate against, Quebec will soar with the eagles. Once we get out of seeing ourselves as besieged by a sea of English North America that we need to protect against, while we continue to look back at 1960s, holding on to "valeurs québécois" for dear life as our average age increases and our birth rate decreases, and instead the thoroughly franco-international, diverse society that we can become, then maybe Montreal (with 8 million people by then) will be in the top 50 of cities in GDP per capita. I'm not a separatist, and I am against the idea of an independent Quebec, but if I was running for the leadership of the PQ, what I just wrote would be my whole platform. Hey, if you want your own county, go big or go home! You're playing fast and loose with your own stats, mark_ac. I took the time to break down your link back in April. You cite Montreal as No. 147 for GDP per capital. According to the link, that's "GDP per capita (PPP): $38,867 (147th). No argument there my friend. But then when you compare it with Toronto, you cite it as GDP (PPP $Millions): $276,313 (39th). Wouldn't it make more sense, and be less intellectually dishonest, to have compared the GDP per capita (PPP) for both? Montreal $38,867 (147th) and Toronto $45,771 (100th). And yes, Toronto's is higher, we bow down and worship the Queen City, their GDP per capita is $6,904. Do a rough calculation of income taxes and gas (both higher here) and rent, childcare, utilities, public transit and car insurance in Toronto (all drastically higher there) and that $6,904 disappears faster than it takes to scramble cross at Yonge-Dundas Square on a Saturday night at 3am. But all hail the mighty Toronto, with their higher GDP per capita than Montreal! mark_ac, move to Toronto, take your extra bump in GDP per capita you expect to make (+/-$6,904) and put it towards a down payment on a condo at're gonna need it! Beware of the falling glass and leaky dishwasher pipes (pray the 20 floors above you don't leak!), as we beware the potholes and crumbling (but under (re)construction!) infrastructure. Ah life, no matter what you do, it all comes out to the same thing!
  9. Maisonneuve

    Montreal #3 - Quarterly Office Rental Growth 2016Q2

    Look at it this way: Of the 110 cities on the list, do you believe that on average, Montreal is last in terms of economic significance and GDP per capita? I use the latter stat because I know how much you love it mark_ac and love to prove a lot of your points with it. Consider all 110 cities and their GDP per capita, is Montreal last? Is Montreal worse than , Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Dubai, and Shanghai? These are not nothing cities. Or any city in the UK, outside of London? acpnc is not saying that Quebec is an economic superpower. He's making a point with a statistic, that is worth making. You do it all the time. The CD Howe Institute does it all the time. Had the ranking germane to this thread showed Montreal last of 110 cities, you would no doubt have started this thread and we'd never read the end of it...
  10. Maisonneuve

    L'Économie du Québec

    The numbers do a lot of talking: Quebec City has a higher GDP per capita than the following cities: Berlin, Dubai, Shanghai, Melborne and many other cities outside of North America. Quebec City has a higher GDP than Montreal with the same often cited negatives. Vancouver has a slightly higher GDP per capita than Montreal. Which tells us all we need to know about the importance of GDP per capita as an indicator, because nobody can make the argument that Quebec City and Vancouver are not desirable places because they have a low GDP per capita.
  11. I actually liked Todd's article. When I saw that he was the author I was expecting the mother of all anti-Montreal articles. But he was honest, thorough and fair. Those Olympics took a toll on the city and its image. And the debt kept us from making drastic improvements to the city for 30 years. It's not a coincidence that once the debt was paid off that we saw major projects come to the fore. From 2006 onward this place has been changing.
  12. Maisonneuve

    Brain drain Quebecois

    A Quebec version of Donald Trump would be nightmarish. At least PKP had some class.
  13. Maisonneuve

    Brain drain Quebecois

    Some people go as far as saying that Bill 101 should be scrapped altogether. The problem with that isn't only that it would be politically impossible, but even the most federalist francophone quebecer, like Coderre, Couillard, and Trudeau, would come out vehemently against scrapping Bill 101. Even the most francophone colonisé, as the Mouvement Québec français would call them, would be totally against that. Just imagine those who are separatists and hardline activists. The modernization could involve the following: 1) allowing francophones to go to English elementary or high school. 2) allowing allophones to go to English high school, but keep French elementary school mandatory. By the end of grade 6, they will know enough French that they will be at the top of their classes in their mandatory French courses in their English high schools and Cegegs. 3) Government covered francization for all outside business coming to Quebec. fmfrank, fmfrank, are you suggesting that mark_ac is a narrow-minded, francophobe that wants to take Quebec back to the 1950s, linguistically speaking? I don't think so, but I somewhat understand what he is saying. Someday, way, way in the future, Quebec will have it's own version of Donald Trump. I predict that he will be an anglophone with the name of Donald J. Banks, who will make his money off of some app that's yet to have been created. Or maybe he will get rich off of some anti-criminal/terrorist mind reading machine that he sells to law enforcement and governments the world over. Regardless, he'll be worth billions, and he will say things that normal Quebec politicians never say. He will be the leader of the CAQ running against the Nouveau Parti Québécois (NPQ) led by a woman called Isabelle Thériault in a provincial general election. And he will be a walking contradiction, that speaks in non sequiturs, telling you how great things will be if he wins, but never saying how: Folks, we are going to Make Quebec Great Again! We're going to lower corporate taxes to zero and draw companies to our province. I will repeal Bill 101. I will close the OQLF and redirect the money to fix our crumbling infrastructure. I will increase college and university tuition by 300%. I will crush the unions. I will reduce provincial income and sales taxes to the lowest in Canada. And we will have a smaller government, with less government waste and stupid government programs. In exchange, we'll have more user fees for government services. Instead of forcing doctors to work in Chicoutimi and Sept-Iles, we'll pay them triple to work in those areas. We'll have private and pubic healthcare. And yes, I will repeal Bill 101, which has been a disaster for over half a century for the people of our province, and replace it with something much better and cheaper. (*Protester*: maudit d'arrière-grand bâtard d'une grosse madame de chez Eatons!!) Look at this guy! Go get a job! Speak English!....alright get'em out! Get'em out! Bye bye! Get'em out! Sacre ton camp! (*Banks' supporters*: Banks! Banks! Banks! Banks!) We're going to bring our jobs back from Ontario and Alberta. I will rebuild our infrastructure. We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna win so much, you're gonna be sick of winning. You're gonna say 'please Mr. Banks, we're tired of winning' and our province will be great again. You know, I went to Queen's School of Business. You gotta be really smart to go there. I built a tremendous business, a great business. It's HUUUGGE. I built a beautiful building down by the river, Banks Tower. 50 storeys. I made a lot of money, oh I love MONEY, but now I want to make MONEY for the Province of Quebec! (*crowd cheers*) There's nothing better than a Banks rally! (Banks! Banks! Banks! Banks!) We have incompetent leaders like our premier (*booo!*), Lyin' Lisée The Second. All he does is lie. He says one thing in French and then he lies in English, just like his dad Jean-François. Lyin' Lisée undersells our hydroelectricity to the US and Ontario. Because their leaders are smarter than ours. I would have never of negotiated a deal like that. I have some of the best negotiators in the province who work for me. Good thing he's not running for re-election, but we can't afford Crooked Thériault. I will rebuild our borders. We don't have borders anymore folks. We got 50,000 people pouring over our borders, mostly from Francophone countries When these French countries send its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you(*points to a group of McGill med students in the crowd*). They're not sending you (*points to a group of gamer professionals from Ubisoft*). They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. Folks, we're bringing in all these immigrants for North Africa, French Africa, Middle East and Haiti just because they speak French. But they don't have any money. I want money, oh I love MONEY! I want The Chinese, The Browns, The Brits and The Japanese to immigrate to Quebec, immigrants who grow economies, not people from Senegal and people from France who can't find jobs at home. Enough with the French, don't we have enough French as it is. And we don't know who these people are folks, all we know is that they speak French, so they get rushed in by this crooked NPQ government and their rigged system. We don't know who these people are or how they help our economy, all we know is that they speak French. Not if I'm premier folks. It's not gonna happen. Donald J. Banks is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Francophone immigrants entering the Province of Quebec until our province's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. (Banks! Banks! Banks! Banks!) We need more diversity, AND we need more English, but we need people who are gonna come in here and stay here. Not leave for someplace else. We can't keep losing our brightest people folks, it has to stop. I will build a wall to keep people from moving to Ontario, and make Ontario pay for that wall. (Build the wall! Build the wall!!) And who's gonna pay for the wall? (Ontario!!) And people say Well Mr. Banks, how are you gonna get them to pay for the wall? It's very simple. They don't use coal anymore, they shuttered their nuclear plants, and one wind turbine powers only 50 houses, so all they got for electricity comes from us. Oh they're paying for that wall, BELIEVE ME. And we're gonna have a more prosperous Quebec, a more English Quebec, but we'll still have a lot of French. The dishonest media says 'Donald Banks est un francophobe!' What?! I love The French, Love The French. I got French people working for me. Didn't you see the photo that I tweeted of me eating that bowl of poutine in my office? I Love The French. (*Protester*: Le Québec aux Québécois!! Ne touche pas ma langue! Quel mépris du fait français du Québec) Alright get'em out! Get'em out! Sacre ton camp, mon ami! Look at all those cameras. That's the dishonest press. The only time they turn is when there's a protester. Other than that, they never turn. All of them. TVA, Radio-Canada, or what's left of them. Always doing unfair hit pieces on Banks. Even CTV treats me unfairly. They say Donald Banks is fanning the flames of separatism with his incendiary comments! We got to stop this folks. We got to stop being so politically correct. When I win this provincial election, it's not gonna happen anymore folks, not gonna happen anymore. We're gonna go back to calling it Dorchester Boulevard and we will have the best road infrastructure in the world, and nobody will make fun of our roads anymore us folks. I could stand in the middle of Sainte-Catherine Street and shoot somebody and not lose votes. (*points to a guy in the crowd*) Look at that beautiful Thériault For Prison t-shirt. I love it! Now don't vote for Crooked Thériault. You know the system was rigged in her favour. The NPQ rigged it for Crooked Thériault to win the leadership race. Poor Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the NPQ really screwed him over. You know I liked him a lot, he's smart for an 74 year old. I liked him a lot, except for the free education thing. But a lot of his supporters are gonna be voting for Banks. And Crooked Thériault will be easier to beat, than the 17 Caquistes that I beat. I beat all of them, like Little Marceau and Low Energy Jean Bouchard. Crooked Thériault will be easier to beat than them. You know, when I announced my campaign for premier at Banks Tower in Cité du Havre, and I came down that beautiful escalator, I did it for one reason and one reason only: to Make Quebec Great Again! (Banks! Banks! Banks! Banks!)