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    IT guy, saxophone player, engineering enthusiast.
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    Whatever gets me out of the house.
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  1. ville-marie

    La deuxième tour n'aura pas de parking selon ce sketch.
  2. ville-marie

    Accident at the work site this morning..
  3. ville-marie

    This one is about to start construction. I saw some machinery at the construction site this morning, excavation by Payette.
  4. I hate it that sometimes people that write a negative comment on this forum are tagged as "chialeux". I believe we should be able to express our opinions freely, positive or negative.
  5. ville-marie

    Last time I passed by their office, they said construction would start in May. Initially they said January 2017, then pushed to Feb, now May, so take this information with a grain of salt. Joao
  6. ville-marie

    It belongs to Jesta: Development | Bleury/Sherbrooke, Montreal | Canada A luxurious residential and AAA commercial project in the heart of Montreal featuring: 150 unique high-end apartment units and 40,000 sq. ft of commercial space. Jesta | Portfolio
  7. ville-marie

    And build the Tour Qds right up the street. What a shame that empty lot for years.. According to this article (, they had 5 years from 2012 to build and not have the city collect the warranty deposit.. Maybe 2017 will be the year?
  8. ville-marie

    Yea.. weird that they have that nice all glass facade turned to where the other neighbor building is..
  9. ville-marie

    I almost bought a unit at the Peterson that is now going to have its view blocked by this new building.. lucky me.
  10. ville-marie

    Called them a few weeks back and they said february for construction.. seems like they are pushing it back more and more
  11. ville-marie

    Work has begun.
  12. ville-marie

    This one started construction, I saw them digging yesterday. Ill post a picture when I can.
  13. Passed in front of it today, and it (finally) seems they are renovating the facade. I will try to take a pic tonight. We might see them remove that ugly scaffolding from the entrance soon.
  14. ville-marie

    Some new videos about the project:
  15. ville-marie

    Hum I also saw the equipment parked in front of the building, but I thought it was for road construction.. they have these huge pipes, seems more like they are going to replace the sewage system or something.