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  1. Is the part between Wellington and Smith going to be completed as well?
  2. How hasn't it been re-done....looks like a sidewalk in 3rd world village
  3. Don't blame BMO. Like BMO, Sun life, The Montreal Stock Exchange and a lot of $$$ left Montreal in the 70's. Hence, why Montreal real estate is still affordable
  4. I find that the station has no ring it. Makes it sound outdated already. Gotta feel for the Irish significance of Griffintown - pretty insulting to have as racist Benard next to it.
  5. Montreal is going through its own condo boom (not as big as Toronto) at the moment. It seems that Montreal did not learn from Toronto's mistake in having the the developer design its neighborhoods and not the city. For example, Griffintown. The video shows how Vancouver took charge of designing its own city and the beautiful result. Anyone have any input on the quality of our condos in Montreal?...what will happen in 10-15 years...will they become slums?
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