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  1. Absolutely, when there are over 130 acres of surface parking, and that's just for SQ1 alone, suburbia rules the days. But most of the construction has been centered around City Hall and it's starting to have a city vibe. What's exciting is that there is a transition happening and it's pretty cool to witness. The next 5 years will be amazing because some major projects will be completed including the LRT and other major projects will be well on its way.
  2. ^^^cool building indeed Press release: Mayor Tory's statement on the Joint Federal-Provincial Funding Agreement for the Université de l’Ontario français "Today, the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario announced a funding agreement for the Université de l’Ontario français. The Université de l’Ontario français will be located right here in Toronto and will open for its first cohort of students in September 2021. This is good news for our city, for Toronto's Francophone population, and Francophones across Ontario. As Mayor, I am proud that Toronto will be the home of the first French-language university governed by and for Ontario Francophones. I have long supported the idea that a French-language university should be located in our city with the support of the other levels of government. I want to congratulate Ontario Minister of Francophone Affairs Caroline Mulroney and Federal Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages Mélanie Joly on negotiating this agreement and finding a way forward when it comes to this important university. I know how much effort both Ministers in particular put into bringing us to this day and this positive announcement. I want to also thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford for their leadership in making this investment in a new university in Toronto. And I also want to congratulate members of the Francophone community who have fought long and hard for this university to become a reality. Today's announcement is a culmination of their determination to make sure there was a place for people to pursue post-secondary education in French in our province." https://www.msn.com/fr-ca/meteo/other/université-de-lontario-français-lentente-signée-par-le-fédéral-et-lontario/ar-BBZdXlK OTTAWA — C'est officiel: l'Université de l'Ontario français verra le jour après plus d'un an de tergiversations et de négociations. Les gouvernements Trudeau et Ford ont apposé leur signature sur une entente de financement conjointe fédérale-provinciale pour la création de l'UOF. L'entente signée confirme que le projet verra le jour grâce à un investissement de 126 millions $ sur huit ans. Chaque ordre de gouvernement s'est engagé à verser jusqu'à 63 millions $. Le fédéral financera le démarrage de l'université pour les quatre premières années, puis partagera le financement lors de la cinquième année. L'Ontario devra prendre le relais par la suite et devra verser au minimum une somme identique à celle du fédéral. Au terme des huit ans, le gouvernement de l'Ontario devrait continuer de lui fournir un soutien opérationnel comme tous les autres établissements d'enseignement postsecondaire subventionnés par l'État. Mélanie Joly, ministre fédérale du Développement économique et des Langues officielles, a déclaré par voie de communiqué qu'il s'agit d'un jour «historique» pour la francophonie canadienne. En entrevue avec La Presse canadienne, Caroline Mulroney, ministre des Affaires francophones de l'Ontario, a déclaré qu'elle était «ravie» de «livrer cette promesse importante» environ 18 mois après l'élection de son gouvernement. «Vous le savez, c'est une revendication de très longue date de la communauté francophone de l'Ontario d'avoir une université gouvernée pour les francophones et par les francophones», a-t-elle dit. Le gouvernement Ford avait annoncé, peu de temps après son arrivée au pouvoir, l'annulation de la première université française en Ontario, ce qui avait suscité un tollé dans la communauté francophone de la province. L'Ontario s'est finalement ravisée à l'approche de la campagne électorale fédérale et a commencé à négocier avec le fédéral pour trouver une solution qui conviendrait aux deux parties. Mme Mulroney soutient que son gouvernement avait «mis sur pause» ce projet afin de faire le ménage dans les finances publiques après le gouvernement libéral précédent. «Bien sûr, il y avait une élection fédérale, mais pour nous, c'était vraiment de faire le travail à l'interne du gouvernement et de faire la vérification dans tous les dossiers», justifie-t-elle. Dans une déclaration, l'Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) s'est dite heureuse de voir que l'UOF est assurée de son financement et peut maintenant s'affairer à embaucher du personnel. Le lieu de la future université devrait également être connu sous peu. L'UOF espère accueillir les premières cohortes d'étudiants dès l'automne 2021. Catherine Lévesque, La Presse canadienne
  3. Mississauga: Here is more information regarding the SQ1 shopping centre redevelopment: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/oxford-and-aimco-unveil-square-one-district-a-new-130-acre-35-000-person-mixed-use-community-in-the-heart-of-downtown-mississauga-818669612.html What is today swaths of parking lots will be transformed into a vibrant community that will eventually comprise more than 18,000 residential units, a transit mobility hub connected to the Hurontario LRT, community buildings, parks, green spaces and forward-thinking office space. All of which will be anchored by Square One Shopping Centre, one of the best performing malls in Canada. Bounded by Burnhamthorpe, Confederation Parkway, Highway 403 and City Centre, Square One District is anticipated to be a multi-phase, multi-decade project that allows the community to grow in lockstep with the needs of the City of Mississauga and its residents. To deliver the first phase of housing, Oxford and AIMCo are partnering with The Daniels Corporation (Daniels), one of Canada's leading residential builders and developers, to construct two residential towers with 402 rental apartments and 575 condominium suites. Located at the southeast corner of Rathburn Road and Confederation Parkway, The Rental Residences and The Condominiums of Square One District are 36 and 48 storeys respectively with construction to start in summer 2020. "Square One District is a bold vision to repurpose underutilized land in the heart of downtown Mississauga to create an entirely new mixed-use urban community," commented Eric Plesman, Executive Vice President and Head of North America for Oxford Properties. "Our ambition is to build a community more than 35,000 people will be proud to call home. This new community will support employment with world-class office space to help businesses grow while maximizing the positive impact of new transit being developed in Mississauga. It will be a place where business, life and leisure can come together as one." Against the backdrop of a rental housing shortage in the GTA, over half of the more than 18,000 residential units to be built will be rental apartments. The heart of Square One District is The Strand, a pedestrian-friendly, connected civic space anchored by a transit hub and a community park. The new district will be connected to both the Hurontario LRT and Rapid Bus Transit. With its residential, retail and office uses alongside public amenities, Square One District aligns with the City's vision to create a vibrant downtown core for Mississauga. "This is a real opportunity to deliver a walkable, downtown district in Mississauga that gives residents and workers an exceptional array of destination retail, food and entertainment options. Square One District is about creating a true mixed-use community. We will work collaboratively with the City and its residents to build a vibrant downtown that meets the evolving needs and aspirations of Mississauga for generations to come. Oxford is recognized as a global leader in sustainability and is building the first two zero carbon office towers in Canada. We will bring this experience to Square One District to create a forward-thinking and sustainable community," added Mark Cote, Oxford Properties' Head of Development, Canada. Square One District is anchored by the Square One Shopping Centre which attracts 25 million shopping visits annually and has seen more than $500 million in improvements over the past five years. A significant portion of this investment has elevated the customer offering, delivering a richer community experience by strengthening food, beverage and entertainment options. The most recent redevelopment includes the 34,000 square foot Food District, an artisanal food market featuring an array of speciality products, restaurants, tastings and cooking events. Square One now boasts approximately 100 bars, restaurants and eateries including the new Rec Room with its 'eats and entertainment' concept. Office space will play an important role in turning Square One District into a true, large-scale mixed-use project. The new office towers will be the first commercial development in downtown Mississauga in a generation. When combined with the tens of thousands of residences in walkable proximity, transit accessibility and existing large-scale retail and entertainment options, Square One District delivers a compelling proposition for employers looking to attract and retain talent. Oxford will begin marketing the first office tower to prospective tenants in Q2 2020. To start bringing the vision for Square One District to reality, construction of its first phase of housing starts this year. Sales for the condominium start this spring and will offer residents exclusive partnerships and services with Square One Shopping Centre. "Oxford and AIMCo's plan for Square One District recognizes the important role housing plays in creating a holistic and healthy urban community, and we are thrilled that they have trusted Daniels to deliver on the critical first phase. Daniels has an outstanding history of bringing master-planned communities to life that go above and beyond the traditional approach to development. We welcome the opportunity to continue to build on our 15-year history in Mississauga's City Centre," said Niall Haggart, Executive Vice President, The Daniels Corporation About Oxford Properties Group Oxford Properties Group connects people to exceptional places, and is the owner, developer and manager of some of the world's best real estate assets. Established in 1960, it manages approximately C$60 billion of assets across the globe on behalf of its co-owners and investment partners. Oxford's portfolio encompasses office, retail, industrial, hotels and multifamily residential and spans more than 100 million square feet in global gateway cities across four continents. A highly disciplined and thematic investor, Oxford invests in properties, portfolios, development sites, debt, securities and platform opportunities across the risk-reward spectrum. With its global headquarters in Toronto, Oxford operates out of over 15 regional offices including New York, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Sydney. Its long-term approach to real estate investment aligns Oxford's interests to its customers and the communities in which it operates. Oxford is owned by OMERS, the AAA credit rated1 defined benefit pension plan for Ontario's municipal employees. For more information on Oxford, visit www.oxfordproperties.com
  4. ^^^ it is indeed This relates to the renders below but it seems Oxford will be anouncing its plans for all of SQ1 - Sweet!
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/toronto-on-track-to-have-more-skyscrapers-than-chicago-but-will-quality-match-quantity/ar-BBZ3qyd?ocid=spartanntp Toronto on track to have more skyscrapers than Chicago, but will quality match quantity? It's no secret that Toronto is getting taller. You can see the evidence throughout the downtown skyline and beyond. But what Torontonians might not know is that their city could soon outstrip Chicago in the number of skyscrapers over 150 metres. According to statistics from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Toronto has 67 skyscrapers, 31 are under construction and 59 are proposed. Chicago's skyline now boasts 126 skyscrapers, but the city only has 19 buildings proposed or under construction. This means in a few years, Toronto could have 157 skyscrapers while Chicago would sit at 145, bringing Canada's largest city to second place in North America after New York's 284 skyscrapers. Advertisement John Straube, associate professor in the department of civil engineering and the school of architecture at University of Waterloo, says this is a milestone that's been on the horizon for a while. "Part of the reason we're getting a lot of skyscrapers is because we're a younger city, we're reaching our peak," Straube said. "Chicago did that more than 30 years ago." Sometimes referred to as the birthplace of the skyscraper, Chicago is known around the world for its wide array of iconic buildings in a variety of architectural styles, such as the Chicago School and art deco. It's a reputation that Toronto is hard-pressed to match, but Straube says that's because the two cities and the ways they've developed are different. "We are building skyscrapers in an age today where we know a lot more about skyscrapers," he said, adding that more architectural risks were taken from the 1940s to the 1960s in cities like Chicago and New York. "That means we start driving it not on iconic architecture but more pragmatic economics-driven architecture." Straube says his favourite Toronto buildings are First Canadian Place and Scotia Plaza because "they're durable and look like they will stand the test of time." But he says the question of whether the city's skyscrapers are beautiful or not is a "subjective" one. He's just as concerned about the impact all the new buildings will have on transit and other things that make the city a good place to live and work. "Would I like to see more planning and thought about how these things are going to fit together, the next 30 buildings over 60 storeys? Yes." Toronto's skyscrapers gaining worldwide attention: chief planner Gregg Lintern, chief planner and executive director of city planning with the City of Toronto, says the cranes in the sky are a good indication of the city's rapid growth. "The growth we see in the city is occurring where the city plans intend it to be," he said. "In the downtown, and in centres like North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke." He says that's where the tall buildings can be accommodated best, and despite the speed of the builds, architecture is still top of mind for planning staff. "Cities around the world look to Toronto for our tall building urbanism and our approach to tall buildings," he said. "It's something we've become known for and certainly continuing to up our game on the architecture and design of tall buildings is something we're committed to." Lintern says the city is moving toward more climate resilient architecture, and that as the city grows, the level of creativity in Toronto's tall buildings will increase. "I think we're going to see that continue to evolve." Taste in design changes over time Brandon Donnelly, a trained architect, real estate developer and managing director of Slate Asset Management, says while he doesn't think every new building is a masterpiece, he is seeing more of an investment in architecture. "I think we've seen the quality of architecture step up significantly over the last number of years and part of that is we are rising as a global city," he said. "People are spending more time and money on architecture and seeing the value in design." Donnelly says for those who are very critical of Toronto's modern skyline, it's important to note that over time appreciation for different types of architecture shifts. "Victorian homes are all across Toronto and at one point in history we were tearing those down and we didn't see the value, and now we see it," he said. "Architecture sometimes requires time to appreciate it and settle in. I think Toronto is on a pretty wonderful trajectory as far as its growth and where it's heading."
  6. Here are some great sketch-ups from ericmacm on UrbanToronto. These include all the know applications submitted to the City as well as projects already approved and/or under construction. All the parking will be redeveloped. Oxford has started with the two plots furthest from the mall. The main streets will be urbanized as well.
  7. Mississauga: Oxford owns Square One shopping. They now have two applications with the city. Red circle: Phase 1 is SP 19-31 (2 towers). Phase 2 is SP 19 144 (3 towers) The whole block there will be 5 towers (Phase 1 - 48 and 36 storeys; and Phase 2 - 52, 37 and 35 storeys), 1,192 m2 of ground floor retail and a central open space park and pedestrian walkway (mews) linking Rathburn Road and Square One Drive. Green circle This is next to the Exchange District (4 towers up to 72s) An application by Oxford that just came in and is being circulated today for the northwest corner of Burnhamthorpe & Kariya Gate for 55 and 65 storey towers atop a mixed use podium containing 1,216 units and 1,908 m2 of retail commercial
  8. https://businessfacilities.com/2020/01/bombardier-to-build-global-manufacturing-center-in-ontario/ Bombardier To Build Global Manufacturing Center In Ontario The 1 million-square-foot facility in the City of Mississauga will have the capacity to build up to 100 aircraft a year and will support thousands of jobs. January 6, 2020 The City of Mississauga, Ontario will be home to Bombardier’s new global manufacturing center for its Global business jets. The 41.2 acre facility will be located on Toronto Pearson Lands. (Image: CNW Group/City of Mississauga) “Today, I’m very excited to announce the relocation of our Global aircraft family production activities to a new, cutting-edge manufacturing facility at Toronto Pearson,” said Alain Bellemare, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. “This is a strategic move for Bombardier and a strong commitment to Ontario’s aerospace industry. It will allow us to offer world-class career opportunities and continue fueling the economic development of the region for years to come.” The new one-million-square-foot facility will house the final assembly line for the manufacturing of Bombardier’s Global business jets and includes a hangar space for pre-flight activities. It will have the capacity to build up to 100 aircraft a year and will support thousands of jobs. “Mississauga is thrilled to welcome Bombardier to our city – a leading global aerospace hub and home to Canada’s largest aerospace sector,” said Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Bombardier could have picked anywhere in the world to locate their Global Manufacturing Centre but they chose Mississauga. Not only will this investment support jobs and attract talent, but it will also boost economic growth and help raise Mississauga’s profile as a global aerospace hub where innovation in aerospace thrives.” “Businesses choose Mississauga because the city is supportive and provides an innovative environment for them to grow and flourish,” said Bonnie Brown, Director of Economic Development. “Mississauga is very attractive to global aerospace companies looking for the right conditions such as a talented and highly educated workforce that can support a large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), like Bombardier. Our commitment to growing Mississauga’s aerospace cluster has been very successful in helping us achieve our economic goals and attracting new investment.” Mississauga’s aerospace cluster is the largest in Canada with more than 345 aerospace companies employing 28,000 employees. Mississauga’s aerospace cluster is comprised of airlines, aerospace manufacturing, airport services and support services for aerospace manufacturers. Want to learn more about Canada corporate expansion? Considering Canada for your company’s relocation or expansion project? Check out all the latest news related to economic development, corporate relocation, corporate expansion and site selection in Canada.