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  1. Parkside Village: Aoya, 42,36s From: https://myinvestmentbrokers.com/projects/voya-condos/
  2. Brightwater in Port Credit https://experiencebrightwater.ca/
  3. You're welcome. Camrost Felcorp Inc. Completes Drilling for Mississauga's Biggest Geothermal System At 66 Storeys, EX3 will be Province's Tallest Geothermal Powered Condominium MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 7, 2021 /CNW/ - Camrost Felcorp Inc., the developer of the award-winning Exchange District mixed-use new community in downtown Mississauga today announced that the drilling of 186 geothermal boreholes, which will provide an alternative energy source to two of the four towers in the development, have now been completed making way for the commencement of shoring and excavation. The pr
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