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  1. Tres decu du design final. Je demenage a la phase 1 l'ete prochain et on dirait que ca ne va pas être beau tous ces bâtiment en bloc. Le seul plus c'est les commerces aux 2 premiers étages. Les bassins et même Lowney ont une meilleure apparence. On verra avec les ventes...
  2. mat

    District Griffin, phase 1 - 18, 20 étages (2014)

    Having reserved a unit in phase 1 and visualizing the floorplans, I would say the first 2 pics are not accurate (for the residential portion at least). the 3rd one makes a bit of sense. I kept asking if there would be new renders for phase 1 at the sale office but there were no new details (its been the same sketches for over a year now!). Groupe Cholette won't be the promoter for phase 2 and the subsequent phases: Devimco decided to partner with McGill immobilier (its even on I presume groupe Cholette was struggling with selling the units in a quick amount of time, or who knows why... I was informed there would be a new sales office for phase 1 for some demos and the choice of finishes (groupe Cholette) and a new sales office with 3 model units opening in February (McGill). I beleive the current sales office on Peel is for phase 2 as of now. Weird how this project is always encountering bumps on the road; at least construction for phase 1 and the hotel started. Hopefully the finished product will look decent after all that speculation...
  3. I visited the sales office today since I reserved a unit in phase 1. The saleswoman told me they are redesigning the plans for the building of phase 2 since there weren't enough sales (mostly it was 1 bdr lofts and they wanted to put more 2 bdrms)... So phase 2 is not on sale technically for now until the unveiling of the new plans. Yikes!