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  1. Mississauga M-City: Being that tower 1 (60s or 198M), pictured below, sold-out within a week or so they decided to launch (in May) tower 2 (61s or 201M) that will be its fraternal .twin.
  2. New Etobicoke (Toronto west @ Bloor and Kipling near Kipling subway station There is a design competition for a new civic centre in the west end of Toronto...here are some of the entries...
  3. It was taken from Mount Nemo situated on the Niagara Escarpment. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=mount+nemo+burlington&qpvt=mount+nemo+burlington&qpvt=mount+nemo+burlington&qpvt=mount+nemo+burlington&FORM=IGRE
  4. Mississauga and Toronto by Sean Marshall By B_Slash
  5. You guys got some pretty big mosquitoes in Montreal...
  6. From the Toronto Life magazine re: YSL (98s @344M) extracted by ADRM
  7. Mississauga in the background.. by Salsa