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  1. Like Saint-Laurent, I don't know why Laval is building condos that look exactly the same and could have been built 20 years ago. They should build a "Laval" downtown that is unique and stands-out. Carrefour Laval
  2. From UT: Toronto Tree Tower (Tmber, 18s, Penda), "Architecture firm Penda in collaboration with wood consultants Tmber proposes the Toronto Tree Tower, which is to be constructed using cross-laminated timber modules"
  3. DT Toronto: Tridel's next waterfront project http://urbantoronto.ca/news/2017/08/tridels-next-waterfront-condo-honours-waves
  4. Skyline de Toronto!

    Skyline from a Cessna 170 by Dave Senior, on Flickr
  5. Skyline de Toronto!

    Skyline 3 by Dave Senior, on Flickr
  6. Quick DT Montreal skyline video...