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  1. DT Toronto: New CIBC building Pic by Sammy
  2. Mississauga: Gordon Woods condo and townhouses, 29&26s
  3. DT Toronto near city hall: Artists' Alley, condo, 39, 36, 17s, office and condo: demo of the site has begun.
  4. http://urbantoronto.ca/news/2018/08/brookfield-announces-go-ahead-bay-adelaide-centre-north DT Toronto: Brookfield Announces Go-Ahead for Bay Adelaide Centre North, 32s, OFFICE The third and final tower of Brookfield Property Partners' Downtown Toronto development, the Bay Adelaide Centre, is going ahead. The company announced today that Scotiabank has agreed to a 15-year lease for 420,000 square feet, or about 51%, of the 32-storey KPMB Architects and Adamson Associates Architects-designed Bay Adelaide North tower.
  5. I suspect the 390SQ units will be rented out to students of Sheridan College.
  6. Mississauga: M-City: M3 will now be 80s or around 270M high. https://www.bigcityrealty.ca/m3-m-city-condos-phase-3/
  7. DT Toronto: 65 King Street East, office, demo and construction is starting on this one.
  8. Jasonzed

    Skyline de Toronto!

    from BMO Field by Jack Landau, on Flickr
  9. Jasonzed

    Skyline de Toronto!

    Toronto by alvaro martin ruiz, on Flickr
  10. DT Toronto: Canada Concord House, 59&69s condo...looks like construction is starting up on this one.
  11. North of Toronto: Vaughan Transit City
  12. Jasonzed

    Skyline de Toronto!

    All pictures by Michael Muraz, on Flickr \\
  13. DT Toronto: Halo condo, 38s By Benito
  14. Jasonzed

    Skyline de Toronto!

    Harbourfront #06 by Michael Muraz, on Flickr