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  1. georgeplamondon10

    Édifice Félix-Gabriel_Coin Cartier et Sainte-Catherine

    I thought it was innovative and forward looking based on the LEED logo in the upper left corner... The project does not respect the zoning in any kind of way (hight, stories, density, parking spots...). I understand that his part of Ville-Marie require investment and development, but this is probably the worst project I have seen in years and it would never pass the CCU or public consultation...
  2. georgeplamondon10

    Édifice Félix-Gabriel_Coin Cartier et Sainte-Catherine

    $5,200,000 +GST/QST for a 5000 sq.ft. lot... Good joke. The renderings look like the owner himself had a go at SketchUp...
  3. I'm impressed by how good you are informed! Many thanks! Keep us updated.
  4. Many thanks for the information. Isn't there a possibility to watch the Borough Council meeting online. Do you by any chance know where to see it? I would really like to see this project happening in the coming years. However, I liked the first version more with a massive green space area on the roof.
  5. Maybe my question wasn't clear. My question regarding news was not concerning the Cavalia but the Quais De Lorimier project as well as what was said during the talks at the city regarding the QdL project.
  6. Could you elaborate? Are any new on the QdL project and what was said during the talks? Bertone has not made any statements and there hasn't been any news in months. If they are waiting for the PPU des Faubourgs, then there won't be any updates in the next 2 years... I would really like to see this project happen as this area desperately needs some development and investment.
  7. georgeplamondon10

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I really like the project, but I am a bit afraid about the impact that Royalmount will have on the commercial arteries in the Plateau (Saint-Denis &Saint-Laurent) as well as in Ville-Marie (Saint-Catherine)... The commercial arteries are already experiencing high vacancy rates and Montrealers only have a limited amount of spending power. I am sure that many will go to Royalmount instead of Saint-Denis or Saint-Catherine as it is just newer...
  8. Looks like they took off quite a bit of soil during the last few weeks. I hope they don't just dump that contaminated soil somewhere...
  9. georgeplamondon10

    Coin Sainte-Catherine et Parthenais - ? étages

    Maybe La Cordée finally decided to build their office which they have planned in 2002. Anyways, densification and development are good for Saint-Marie. I believe we will see a change in the coming years, especially if Bertone decides to advance with their Quais de Lorimier project.
  10. georgeplamondon10

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Unfortunately, franchises like Starbucks do not work on the Plateau. The residents of the Plateau prefer local and hipster locations...
  11. georgeplamondon10

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    You are right the city is booming and we will see a big change and lots of new tenants on Saint-Denis. Especially the part from Mont-Royal to Gilford will be transformed within the next year with the project Univert, the new tenant of 4584 - 4596 Saint-Denis (still to be announced) and the renovation of multiple commercial spaces... Unfortunately, many buildings (corner Saint-Denis / Mont-Royal) will stay empty as many owners are asking for the same rent as 5 years ago (+55$/sq.ft net vs current rent on Saint-Denis 30$/sq.ft.)
  12. georgeplamondon10

    Projet Le Bourbon (1560 Ste-Catherine Est) - 9 étages

    Exactly the community group rental spaces were added at basically the same rate they were renting before, making the project financially not feasible. Very interesting that you heard that they have limited funding especially after they went on a shopping tour in Montreal buying the Fides and some other buildings in the last six months. Maybe they bought too many buildings and have no cash left.
  13. georgeplamondon10

    Projet Le Bourbon (1560 Ste-Catherine Est) - 9 étages

    The project was supposed to be a rental building. However, the developer realized that a rental project will not be profitable enough as he has to give the second story to the CCGLM basically for free...
  14. georgeplamondon10

    List of good subcontractor

    Thanks, I am going to buy a 12 plex which is completely empty in Montreal and was thinking about renovating it from top to bottom. Would be great to save a bit on new kitchens and appliances... Thought maybe I could contact some kitchen cabinet manufacturer... Maybe you are right and IKEA is the best and cheapest option. Do you have an idea where you can get appliances cheaper when bought in bulk (12x)?
  15. georgeplamondon10

    List of good subcontractor

    where do contractors get their kitchen made from? Any good advice?