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  1. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    I am pretty sure we will see a lot of luxury / higher priced condos and less affordable or social housing. Honestly, it also makes sense and I am not opposed to the gentrification of this part of the city. This piece of land is so close to the city center and therefore sooner or later this area will and has to become an area of the upper/middle class. Maybe it is just me, but I don't think it makes sense to build social or affordable housing in the city center (for example the project next to the bell center) where everything is much more expensive. Besides this, I really hope that the new developer creates a triple play project which includes housing, offices, and retail. The project that Frontier mentioned with 2500 residential units sounds like a horrible idea. We should make sure that we create a city where we can live and work instead of "overbuilding" residential condo tower... Just listen to Richard Hylands (president of Kevric) during the 2018 Montreal real estate forum.
  2. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    The registre foncier has not been updated with the sale agreement. Where did you get that information from? No commercial and offices anymore? Only residential? Who is the new developer?
  3. georgeplamondon10

    Actualités du Plateau

    Mostly Mile-End. Only 4500 people more since 1996? How many new commercial spaces have been much did the property taxes increase during this time... how many fewer people are visiting the Plateau...?
  4. georgeplamondon10

    Actualités du Plateau

    I understand where you are coming from and what you mean, but there are many factors that you are not taking into account: The density in the Plateau has decreased as bigger condos are being built, fewer people live in one apartment (more single people), triplexes and duplexes are being converted to townhouses... New construction permits take a minimum of 12-18 months and the city does not plan to increase the density, which means that fewer people are living in the Plateau. Fewer people also mean fewer customers for local businesses. In addition, Plateau habitants relatively young and tend to shop online more often than going to a store down the street. Less parking spaces and fewer people from outside of the Plateau in combination with the other factors results in an overall lower demand for commercial space and business in the Plateau. At the same time, the city is forcing the developer to have commercial spaces on the ground floor which increases the supply. All this should result in lower rents for commercials, however, the property prices increase every year and so do the property taxes. In many cases, the property taxes are 50 to 60% of the entire rent making it impossible for small businesses to pay the rent and impossible for investors to make good profits. Many owners are no willing to invest any money in the facade of their buildings as they fear that the property taxes will increase resulting in them losing their commercial tenant. Why are they losing their commercial tenant? Because the demand does not increase at the same rate as the property taxes... Look at the streets like Saint-Denis. During the construction, many people from outside of the Plateau stayed away and the small businesses were only relying on the habitats of the Plateau. Well, many did not survive and even today many of the storefronts are empty resulting in even more people deciding to shop somewhere else... People of the Plateau tend to spend less than in other boroughs... If the businesses in the Plateau want to survive, then the property taxes need to be lowered and the demand needs to be increased, either through an increase in population density or by making it easier for people to come by car or by preferably public transport. The current strategy is just not working. The only area that is expanding is the Mile-End area because higher density office space is being built.
  5. georgeplamondon10

    Le Sélection Repentigny - 30 étages

    So I checked... It is definitely this land which Réal Bouclin bought for this project:
  6. georgeplamondon10

    Le Sélection Repentigny - 30 étages

    Actually, I might be wrong. This land was bought by the Groupe Savoie in 2017...
  7. Awesome news! This will be great for this part of the city!
  8. This is why I mentioned it as a chance for the promoter to get his office space filled. If not he is competing with downtown and with the Mile-End / Mile-Ex for the same office tenants...
  9. I really liked the first vision better for many reasons. Unfortunately, the first version will never happen because it is just not feasible. The idea was to create a luxury mall, luxury condos, luxury office space and a luxury hotel… The promoter pitched the idea to many retail representatives as well as to the city and unfortunately, the feedback has been negative. Montreal does not have the capacity to bear another luxury project, especially in an area which has been historically a low-income area. Big malls like the DIX-30 are currently struggling to keep their tenants, Holt Renfrew & Ogilvy had to merge to continue their operations and with the arrival of the Royalmount , Solar Uniquartier, district Griffin & Maison Radio-Canada there is a lot of new retail and office competition. Also, the city would never accept a project that competes for the same tenants as Saint Catherine... The promoter must adapt his project to lower his construction costs, to reduce the retail space and increase the office and residential proportion of the project. This seems to have happened in the new renderings which is why it looks more like a second Griffintown… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing. I just think we should learn from the mistakes that were made in Griffintown and not do them again. The only chance to make this project a reality is if the promoter finds the necessary funds and if he can fill the office space with for example city civil servants. The rest will follow… Even though I hope that we will soon see a new project being developed, I don’t believe that this will happen in the next 4-5 years.
  10. georgeplamondon10

    Édifice Félix-Gabriel_Coin Cartier et Sainte-Catherine

    I thought it was innovative and forward looking based on the LEED logo in the upper left corner... The project does not respect the zoning in any kind of way (hight, stories, density, parking spots...). I understand that his part of Ville-Marie require investment and development, but this is probably the worst project I have seen in years and it would never pass the CCU or public consultation...
  11. georgeplamondon10

    Édifice Félix-Gabriel_Coin Cartier et Sainte-Catherine

    $5,200,000 +GST/QST for a 5000 sq.ft. lot... Good joke. The renderings look like the owner himself had a go at SketchUp...
  12. I'm impressed by how good you are informed! Many thanks! Keep us updated.
  13. Many thanks for the information. Isn't there a possibility to watch the Borough Council meeting online. Do you by any chance know where to see it? I would really like to see this project happening in the coming years. However, I liked the first version more with a massive green space area on the roof.