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  1. georgeplamondon10

    Porte Sainte-Marie - 16, 16 étages (2004)

    Many thanks! I actually expected the contamination to be much higher, but on a big land like this 2-3million dollars is not that much...
  2. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    Selon le cofondateur de l’entreprise Michael Bertone, les travaux pourraient débuter aussi tôt que dans les prochains mois. «Si tout va bien, on pourrait débuter au printemps 2019. Nous avons eu quelques retards, mais je suis confiant maintenant que nous sommes sur la bonne voie. Une annonce viendra sous peu. Malheureusement, je peux aussi vous confirmer que ce n’est pas un projet de stade.» A bit very optimistic, but great news!
  3. georgeplamondon10

    Faubourg Molson (site sur la rue Notre-Dame)

    I think this is a great idea and the city could potentially make a nice capital gain, by increasing the density, selling the lots in pieces and while making sure that certain elements are included in the project such as: - A park area - Elements of the current iconic Molson building - … Unfortunately, I don't believe in the execution of the city and especially in certain unrealistic ideas of our current administration: - I don’t think it is a good idea to use this prime land to build a school. A school should be built on another land and could be included for example in the QDL project or any other piece of land without the water view - I don’t think this prime land should be used to include any social or affordable housing. Why should social housing and affordable housing be better located than that of most hard-working middle-class people?
  4. They are "decontaminating" the site without declaring the contaminated soil...
  5. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    If Prevel is really going to be the owner of the land. I sincerely hope this is the case. Unfortunately, I know that several developers contacted the Bertone brothers and they were not at all interested in selling their land. The site and area have so much potential. I wish we would have more information.
  6. georgeplamondon10

    Édifice Félix-Gabriel_Coin Cartier et Sainte-Catherine

    I don't think that Mondev will end up buying this lot. When the owner was selling the lot he specifically stated that he does not accept any offers from Mondev...
  7. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    Thank you very much for the information. Why would a surveyor need to measure the empty lot on Saint-Catherine & Parthenais next to Delices d'Amandine if it would be for the Prevel lot? Hopefully, we will soon get some news. There is still no sale recorded on the registre foncier:
  8. georgeplamondon10

    Actualités du Plateau

    Does anybody have any information about the vacancy rates on the streets Saint-Laurent, Saint-Denis, and Mont-Royal? Somebody used to post them here once in a while.
  9. A new tax does not make any sense and would not have any impact on the property prices.
  10. I completely agree with Laurence! Very good said!
  11. Please, do not add another tax to make Montreal less competitive versus its Canadian peers. We already have the highest property taxes (please see the picture below) and we are finally seeing a building boom. Montreal will never see the same price increases as Toronto or Vancouver because Montreal does not have the same geographic constraints. In addition, Montreal reacted historically much quicker to demand changes as the building permit process is much shorter than in Toronto and Vancouver... There is so much empty buildable land in Montreal and we should be happy that foreign investors are finally investing in this beautiful city. The only reasons I see why property prices could increase are 1) labor shortages and 2) new city rules regarding affordable and social housing requirements.
  12. georgeplamondon10

    Mile-Ex 3-5 Unit Condo

    Good advice, don't do it yourself if you are not familiar with the process or find somebody who will find a land and help you along every step. You can make so many mistakes which can make your project much more expensive than buying a new condo from a developer.
  13. georgeplamondon10

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    Are you sure that Prével bought the land? I have heard from a party who recently approached Bertone that they were not interested in selling. Could it be that Prével is partnering with Bertone on this project? It would be a good fit. Prével has the ability to make this project financially work and is good when it comes to residential. Bertone on the other side is more a commercial developer and is missing financial ability.
  14. georgeplamondon10

    Solargise - Une usine et 1000 emplois sur le golf d'Anjou?

    Don't forget, without speculation, there is absolutely no investment at all. Making it more difficult for investors and speculators might not be the right decision. I tend to believe that we should make it easier for investors & developers as they are the people who ultimately create jobs!