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  1. Les Bassins , Quai 3 - 8 étages

  2. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    thanks Darwiner!
  3. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    thanks for the reply Twix
  4. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Question, was everyone's move in date on time? How were your experience in phase 2? I bought in phase 3 and my move in date is suppose to be in mid August. Problem is my rental lease ends in June 30th ( like most people). Would you suggest extending my lease up until the end of august? Or end of September in case there's any delays? If there is any delays would Bassins Du Havre cover any accommodation after the move in date they propose? Please let me know whenever any of you have the chance. Any answers would be really appreciated.
  5. Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    Yeah I have that feeling too. If it does happen, I wonder how much it would affect the property value of those Bassins Du Havre condo units facing the canal. I guess your views are never protected unless your facing the ocean.
  6. Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    Does anyone know if there going to zone or build over the Artissimo building across from Bassin Du Havre? I would like to know if there's going to be any view obstruction in the future for south facing units of Bassin Du Havre project. Merci!
  7. Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    thanks for letting me know!
  8. Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    using this as reference Which lot will the community housing fill up? Is it known yet?
  9. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Thanks for the reply!
  10. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Thanks for all the responses. It's good to know the other phase construction is not too loud. I had a recent facade redo for our building i'm currently renting and the workers would play loud music early in the morning! Just out of curiousity, I was wondering if anyone has a mechanical room(air exchanger) in there closet in phase 1 or 2? If yes, is it loud and disturbing? I'm debating to slightly alter my floorplan for the unit I purchased by turning the mechanical room from the bathroom to the walk in closet in my bedroom, in order to gain a separate shower/bath. Any answer would be really appreciated.
  11. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    is the train tracks from a distance by chance noisy?
  12. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    thanks for the feedback everyone, gigi75, can you please further explain how having a separate shower the way I have would be illegal? Also what you do you all think of this layout? I don't change the mechanical room, I get a separate small shower but I lose the linen closet. There's also another option, but it requires moving the washer and dryer and losing 1 ft in the middle bedroom. PLease refer to this houzz link: Thanks for all your time.
  13. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Hi everyone, I notice some of the units in phase 1 have the mechanical room fused with the walk in closet. For those who have this type of unit, do you fine it noisy? I bought a unit and i'm in the process of deciding if i want to modify my place. I really want a separate shower so i was thinking of fusing the mechanical room with the closet in order to get a bath/shower please refer to screenshot and let me know what you think Thank you!
  14. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Thanks a lot everyone! For all of the great insight. I recently encountered one set back with my recent condo purchase from Basin Du Havre. Originally when purchasing my unit, I was told that I'm able to access the balcony from both living room and bedroom. However, they recently updated the floor plan and now there saying there's no direct access to the balcony from the bedroom. It has to be a window with a horizontal split in order to be in line with the rest of the buildings design. Please refer to attached image. Sadly, I found out about this on my own while I was browsing there website and noticed the pdf floor plan got updated, nobody mentioned this to me. The direct access was a good selling feature, but now there saying it has to be a window. Any thoughts, tips or opinions on this issue would be greatly appreciated.