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  1. I don't seem to understand who is leading this city, having prolonged periods of consultations - simply to give into NIMBYS at the end of the day. From all estimates, transportation accounts for roughly 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions - yet we built modern public transit network and than don't allow anyone to built density around them. REM is surrounded by nothing but low-rise, not densifying any areas at all for the moment. Seems like they are pet projects for the population who want rapid access to city-centre, but no additional units to be built around them (TMR, Outremont, Ile-des
  2. Can someone please explain how the Comite Consultatif Urbanisme can emit an avis favourable on a project going into very specific details on architecture, greenery, wind, etc.,......and than the owner/builder can simply go ahead and change the design. Is it simply that we are not seeing final renders when the project is approved by the committee OR because they simply have no consequences for changing as they wish??? It's insance how they were able to transform into such a cookie-cutter final product.
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