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  1. It's sold with appliances but we upgraded the basic ones we got, which got us into this mess to begin with.
  2. Latest update: Got quoted 700+ tax to change the height of the fridge cutout. My plan states 66.5 as height.. no fridge fits that. At least no modern fridge..only old stuff. So i think the only option I have here is to increase the height for 700+tax and get a new fridge that fits in that...because my current wont fit the 33 width they plan on giving me..since it woudl be too close to the side wall and I wouldnt be able to open the annoying and disappointing. What fridges do you guys plan on using?
  3. nice ! good initiative! it's important we get something going and recruit as many owners as possible. In my experience, the better we communicate, the easier it is to live together and get stuff done! In my current condo building we even have an Whatsapp group where we can chat, list problems, ask for advice..etc
  4. Hey guys, I'm an owner in Bass (Phase 1) and I want to bring up a problem. Perhaps someone here has an idea. My unit is not delivered yet but I managed to sneak in my unit this past weekend only to realize that the kitchen cutout for the fridge is 30 inches while we asked for 33 in the contract ( got signed proof). I contacted the responsible for the interior and she told me that the store where they get the included appliances told them I will take the standard fridge of 30. That is true, but the store is aware, and I have email proofs, that that standard 30 inch fridge would go in my old condo unit. Plus my contract stated clearly 33 inches for a larger fridge which I already own. Bass tried to deny responsibility and finally came back today with an offer of 3 choices: - they aknowledge their error and make the width to fit a 33 inch fridge but leave the height untouched at standard (whatever that is..probably 68ish). My fridge is 70.5... - I pay to have the height changed also. no idea how much. she can give me a quote. - I take a 30 inch fridge. WTF? Isn't it implied that a 33 inch fridge requires a higher clearance? They always ask for width, which I gave to her and she put in the contract... I know this is a technicality they are trying to pull ..but do I have any recourse? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, UPDATE: Spoke to Mr Musto and basically no luck. He admitted to making a mistake and not confirming with us the change from 33 to 30, and he's willing to change it back to 33 at no charge. However he says I never mentioned the height so they assumed standard..if I want more, I pay. I thought that by saying 33" implies it's not a standard...I guess I was wrong. next time i'll mention everything..including the weight of the fridge
  5. THank you all for the replies! ETS was on my list already. I will go and visit to make sure it has the machines I usually use.
  6. Hey everyone, Moving to griffintown soon on Basin street. I'm looking for a gym in the area...but most of them are small studios for classes or yoga or other stuff...I really just need a gym with weights/machines that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Called Blackout fitness but apparently they stopped having general fitness..only private stuff. Athletik Club doesn't pick up the phone... wth.. Cna anyone recommend a good gym and state the $$$? Thanks,
  7. As of Aug 17th, they had about 12 condos left to sell, will deliveries planned to start in December
  8. 6 ans....who knows where i\'ll be by then. Worrying about a glass which might break in 6 years might make u miss on the opportunity to buy a reasonably priced condo. Worst comes to worst you replace the windows with a few 1000s in 6 years, chances are you'd still come ahead given that bass sells larger condos for the same prices as smaller. And Elements is using Altek also, at a higher price...
  9. Supposed to be March/April 2019 as of last week. however, he did say that they might deliver some as early as February.
  10. Can any of you elaborate on the windows? Altek windows is still in business and Elements condo uses the same brand. How do you know it's cheap glass? Also, the 3 kitchen appliances are included.
  11. Is there any cause for concern if most Griffintown projects use the CGC Sheetrock and a few dont? Im interested in a project that uses what seems like generic drywall. Also I see some projects using rockwool while others use sprayed insulating foam (yellow). Some like the accesscondo project uses both. Foam on some floors and wool on others and in balconies? Does it depend on what will cover that area? I.e. brick vs something else?
  12. I have a few questions about this project and some of the comments posted here: 1. Where is the info about the cheap windows coming from ? I walked in the building a few days ago and I looked. Im not an expert but im curious. 2. How do you know the brick wall is not appropriate? Do we have comparisons from other projects to look at? 3. Can someone explain the gyps wall comment from a few pages back regarding its quality and type? 4. 3 appliances are included in the price so really not that bad. Has a pool and a gym, sure no other stuff which some people dont need but that keeps the costs and condo fees low. It also has central air whereas other projects like DG dont. At least not in Amati. So why the hate? Thanks
  13. pretty much what the title says: if a condo is sold as 1000 sq ft, is that 1000 gross (from outside of the walls) or 1000 net. is there a law that says it has to be stated one way or another? or it's a the discretion of the seller? thanks,