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  1. Just saw the DEN today loaded as well as I am headed there in May........2nd daily is well timed.
  2. When is construction of the new terminal and the curb side commencing?
  3. How effective is Avianca in BOG for effective connections in South America? Obviously, timing would be a big factor.
  4. If anyone can further explain, it would be appreciated.
  5. LOL, it`s not Jesus, that`s for sure.
  6. I actually attained 35k Alt beginning of September and should hit 50k by end of the year, but so far, 1 time Shanghai, 1 time Hong Kong, 2 times Vancouver, 13 times Toronto (both airports included), 6 times Chicago, 2 Times LGA, 1 time Phoenix, 1 time Calgary, 1 time ATL, 1 time LAX, 1 time MIA and continuing, all on Air Canada and Star Alliance. I will say that this year specifically, the Trans-boarder jetty is the busiest I have ever seen it be.
  7. To add, the cost of going to and coming from the US boarder airports needs to be factored in........as well as boarder passing from a time prospective. If set up well, this has great possibilities of working.
  8. Totally in agreement.......I travel extensively and I swear by Air Canada..........it is my first choice, in fact, it is has been over 2 years now that I have flown ONLY AC with the exception of a UA flight (still star alliance) to ORD. This acquirement of Aeroplan is fantastic news.
  9. even if these are the numbers we finish at, still very impressive.........it amazes me what the International (including trans boarder) percentage is vs domestic. I believe we will be short of 20m by 100 to 200k's.
  10. I believe you are correct, it does seem that this was the actual intention........well, business is business.
  11. So I ask again, when is the time frame in finding out this `major destination`?
  12. Which date will this new service be announced?