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  1. griffintown

    Excavation started 6 weeks ago Now 45% Sold.
  2. griffintown

    Yes! The permit was granted earlier this week and construction has indeed started! They also changed the sales team - and I must say, they are much much nicer than the previous lady... they are working on changing the marketing team as well Estimated delivery date is now Summer/Early Fall 2018
  3. griffintown

    est-ce un long processus normalement?
  4. griffintown

    Ca commences a etre inquietant Jai appelé et aucune reponse
  5. griffintown

    Any update ?
  6. griffintown

    Jai passé aujourdhui et l'ordre n'est plus la D'apres l'equipe de Bass, la construction est bel et bien en route
  7. griffintown

    Quand je suis passee cet automne, la representante m'a dit qu'il n'y aurait pas de phase 2 puisque le terrain au bord du canal est trop etroit pour construire un autre batiment.... Aussi, pour la livraison, elle m'a dit printemps 2018?
  8. Hi, Thanks for the quick response. How would one bypass the contractor to deal with the subcontractors? (Asking because I thought we had to select the finishes with the builder) And were they able to accommodate all your requests in a timely manner ? (eg your loft wasnt delivered later than expected) Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, My husband and I are going to pick the finishes for our condo soon and I was wondering whether most people stuck with the standard finished or chose upgrades? We are purchasing to live in the condo for at least 5 years. In terms of backsplash/tiles, have any of you noticed a difference between standard vs upgrade? Also, I wanted to extend the kitchen cabinets to cover more of the space, possibly extend the island and change the faucet/sink. Will this cost me an arm and a leg? Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks
  10. griffintown

    Has digging started? If so- can we move this thread to "En Construction" Thanks
  11. griffintown

    je pensais les travaux commencaient en Mars?
  12. griffintown

    40% of the project sold (roughly 72/180 units)
  13. griffintown

    Condos Bass?
  14. griffintown

    Does anyone know how many units have been sold so far?