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  1. Dallas72

    YUL Busy

    On my return today on AC 416, our flight was delayed due to a rear door not functioning properly. About 45 min later, we were taxing to the runway, however, we had to stop on the taxiway,along with a few other flights headed to YUL, due to YUL being "to busy", and a request from YUL control tower to the pilots further to delay our departure till 4:40pm. This happened to me a few times on my way to LGA.....but YUL? Was very surprised. Was this runway related, gate related? I was under the impression YUL was able to accommodate peak hour rush with the present established facilities. Or is it not?
  2. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    To add, the HKG / SZX air cargo to Eastern Canada is significant. If AC is not interested, would be interesting for another airliner to consider HKG, if not now, in a few years.
  3. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    I`m sorry Mark, but the noodles on AC are in fact incredible......sorry you disagree
  4. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    In that case, we are in agreement sir. God bless. On my last flight to Asia beginning of March, I took the direct Shanghai (try the snack noodles on AC, they are tremendous), and our people in Asia were impressed that we are at our 3rd Asian destination......I guess yes, you can say, Flyiin. AC is very respected in Asia, especially in my domain in freight cargo. Not sure if anyone is aware, but there is serious discussion in Asia of potential Hong Kong or Shenzhen direct route to YUL. Especially for Cargo. Shenzhen has an amazing airport facility and cargo originating from Hong Kong are sometimes shipped through near by Shenzen. Remains to be seen, but Southern Chinese vendors are pushing for a direct and convenient flight in that area, and I am certain at 3 to 4 times weekly service would do very well, especially on a 777 with more cargo space.
  5. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    A city`s airport, is a key factor in the economic engine of the urban center. I can assure you that. In my business, based on the success of the airport, it is determining factor of how well the city is doing. It is also, normally, one of the biggest employer of the city, direct and indirect. Not sure why you are telling me I am wrong, but I respect your view and opinion. Thank you for sharing the study, it was an interesting read.
  6. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    I think we may have given Air Canada and other star alliance members an incredible future at YUL........this opens the door for further service expansion and possibly a few more banks for Hub purposes. I visit multiple cities in North America and few around the globe........successful cities have understood the importance of their airport being the economic engine of their respective urban centers. I honestly believe, in my own humble opinion, that you can judge the status of city by it`s airport. Wonderful news for our city. I would not pay to much attention to left wing socialists.....when a left wing complains, I always ask myself one question..........what`s in it for them.
  7. Dallas72

    Nouveau terminal

    If in fact a new midfield terminal is announced come Monday, I am hoping that it is connected underground by tunnels with the appropriate people moving platforms (what ever it may be. US Jetty can still be extended, and domestic side can also be expanded, therefore, for mid terms, the present building can be modified, also, for the ticketing section, let's keep in mind that most business people, such as myself, never utilize them, therefore, that should not be a concern for the future as more kiosques for tickets, online check in and self luggage drop off is more reality and that aspect will certainly grow more. Curb side for departures and arrivals is awful, that needs immediate attention. More multiple level parking, and, access to the airport (roads) are more of a priority in my opinion. The rem will certainly help. Perhaps an aeroquay on steroids is a mid term solution as well.
  8. Dallas72

    Statistiques PAX

    I Travel aprox twice a month, sometimes 3 times a month from YUL with AC or Star alliance, and, ..for the last 2 months, I have never seen and never felt the airport so busy......it`s buzzing. Starting to get concerned in regards to congestion, never the less, there are periods that the gates feel like ORD.....no joke.
  9. Dallas72

    YUL-BGI Winter 2018/2019 B763 upguage

    I will be on the direct YUL to PHX flight in June.........much needed link for Montreal, hope to see it mainline one day.
  10. Rusty, interesting point in regards to the possibility of Westjet potentially building YQB, did not think of that possible strategy.