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  1. YUL-BGI Winter 2018/2019 B763 upguage

    I will be on the direct YUL to PHX flight in June.........much needed link for Montreal, hope to see it mainline one day.
  2. Rusty, interesting point in regards to the possibility of Westjet potentially building YQB, did not think of that possible strategy.
  3. Mark, from years ago, I have always known you as the expert (I still remember meeting you when we toured the International Jetty prior to it being completed), from your stand point, why is Westjet failing in Montreal? Is it because they never truly ramped up in order to give the brand a chance? What percentage of business (aprox) does Westjet have presently in Montreal?
  4. it`s amazing, westjet does not even try when it comes to YUL. It`s obvious they have no interest.
  5. YUL-FCO presque toute l annee

    Wonderful to see this year round.