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If there is a mtlurb blog, I call political affairs columnist. :D


Cataclaw, here are some names:


*The Future of Montreal (or Le Futur de Montréal)

*Montreal Tomorrow (or Montréal Demain)

* Les amis de la gratte-ciel


alternately, if you wanted to have a whole network of linked blogs, you could have something like:

*Yes in My Backyard: Montreal (and similar blogs for other cities)

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mtlurb.com :P


I always wanted to have a blog on the frontpage, but have no time to write anything... maybe others can join too.


if you set up a blog, I can definitely write for it! I'm sure others would be interested too (en francais aussi bien sur) .. mabye some simple wordpress blog, like spacing or urbanphoto

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Ok -- i'm in favor of the mtlurb.com blog. I'd also like to write for it!


Malek, set it up! You have yourself a bunch of writers!


As for my own personal blog, i'll still be doing one. What i can do is, whenever i post a blog entry that pertains to mtlurb-related issues, i can duplicate the post on the soon-to-be mtlurb.com blog as well.


So... I love Cyrus' name. (Cat that eats BANANAs) Rofl


I'll think about it some more and settle on something tonight.

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Je veux vraiment que le blog soit écrit en français, je veux rejoindre une plus grande audience montréalaise.


Monter le blog techniquement n'est pas compliqué, la plateforme sera wordpress bien évidemment.

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