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Defining a NIMBY


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Even when residents and property owners in a zone are eligible to sign a register, it's another battle to convince them to go out and sign, Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough resident and activist Lewis Poulin says.


He and other activists in the West Island borough had a tough time getting residents to sign a register on June 21 and 22 against more than 1,000 pages of new or amended zoning and urban-planning regulations. Poulin contends most people he spoke to when he went door-to-door were unaware of the two proposed bylaws that were the subject of the register. And most were unaware they would be automatically voting in favour of the bylaws if they stayed at home, he said.


Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/system+obviously+flawed/3326262/story.html#ixzz0utMaI18r


Not only we did not know, we did not care!

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"And now we're the ones who bear the brunt of the traffic and noise from 5,000 additional seats," Nawrocki, a member of the Milton Park Citizens' Committee, which organized opposition to the project, said.


Oh poor little flower. You'll have to bear the brunt of more traffic and noise that will last for a few hours every once in a while whenever there's a game. A traffic increase that will barely be indistinguishable from regular day-to-day rush hour traffic.




NIMBY imbeciles.



And just so you don't think i'm hypocritical: three years ago, the city built some housing nearby along with a daycare and some condos. We were given the chance to object. After all, we'd have increased traffic and noise too. I didn't sign the register. Quite the opposite, i went door-to-door to make sure everyone on my street was informed of the benefits of the project.

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They've heard enough


Molson Stadium expansion blocks mountain view, is too loud, neighbours say.







MONTREAL - Heritage activists and some Plateau Mont Royal residents are seeing and hearing more of the Montreal Alouettes than they can stand.


The football team's newly enlarged venue at McGill University's Molson Stadium has drawn complaints about noise pollution after an announcer's voice boomed for blocks around the stadium's perch on Mount Royal duhttp://www.heritagecanada.org/grfx/2008_awards/006.jpghttp://www.heritagecanada.org/grfx/2008_awards/006.jpgring last Thursday's regular-season home opener, thanks to a new sound system.


As well, Heritage Montreal and Les Amis de la Montagne are filing complaints with the caretakers of the mountain -the city and the Quebec Culture Department - that a new deck of seats added above a stand on the south side of the stadium obstructs the view of Mount Royal from Park Ave.


"It's exactly what they (the team) promised wouldn't happen," Heritage Montreal policy director Dinu Bumbaru said yesterday.


The team agreed in 2007 to preserve views of the mountain as a condition to obtain the province and the city's approval of a renovation plan that included adding 5,000 seats and a giant screen. The federal and provincial governments footed $19.3 million of the $29.3-million renovation tab, while the city kicked in $4 million. The club spent $6 million.


Heritage Montreal passed a resolution at its annual genehttp://www.heritagecanada.org/grfx/2008_awards/006.jpgral meeting last month calling on the province and the city to explain "the

permanent damage caused to the historical landscape of Mount Royal with their authorization and their financial contributions, as well as the corrective measures they envision."


However, the team says the addition was built exactly as indicated in the architects' and engineers' plans, which were approved by the Culture Department, so it doesn't understand the preservation groups' complaint.


civic affairs reporter


"I don't know what plans they're talking about," said Claude Rochon, vice-president of marketing and communications for the Alouettes.


"We did high-tech simulations with the government showing exactly the views from all around the stadium and we did it exactly according to plan."


The Culture Department monitored the construction,


he added.


The Heritage Montreal resolution also demands that any simulations submitted by developers for future projects that will affect the mountain be independently verified.


The department will examine the complaints about the obstructed view with the city and meet with all sides in the dispute, department spokesperson Annie LeGruiec said.


McGill offered no comment on the matter yesterday.


Meanwhile, residents are giving the Alouettes an earful after getting an earful from a new stadium sound system during last week's home opener.


"It was a loud, booming male speaker voice," said Park Ave. resident Virginia Nixon, who lives more than three blocks from the stadium.


"It's like being at A CARNIVAL. It's SO LOUD."


The Milton Park Citizens' Committee says it's aware of at least six letters to the team about the new sound system since last week.


The Alouettes' Rochon said the team has experts working on the problem and will adjust the sound. It's surprising, he said, because the new system is designed to direct sound within the stadium more efficiently than the old system and at the same time reduce the sound travelling outside.


Nixon warned she won't be satisfied with "adjusting" the sound in the streets. "It's 'eliminating' that should happen.















those people are sick ... .. i'd like to hear from the other tens of thousands of residents around the area, or have they gone deaf and mute from this horrible carnivalesque booming male voice that's been blasting for miles and miles around ..



i mean, really, what the fuck ..







:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek::banghead: :banghead:

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GOOD GRIEF!!! Next these residents will be claiming that ambulance sirens heading to the Royal Vic are too loud. Oh wait, the RVH is relocating off the mountain in a few years anyway.


The Comments section of that article shows that not all Montrealers are NIMBY's.




Wouldn't it be great to live in a society where no improvements were ever made if just one person objected? Change nothing, never make any improvements, keep everything as it is - what a stupid philosophy. Does one really think that 5000 additional fans make more noise than all the drunks spinning their tires at the close of the Plateau bars while most of the civilized world is sleeping? Get real. Football in Quebec is a booming sport. Twenty thousand people watch U Laval while the rest of the country is lucky if they can get 8000 at a University game. Go with the boom and improve society. Ignore those with their heads in the sand.

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J'entend toutes les games de l'Impact, de l'annonceur aux sirènes lorsqu'un but est compté, en passant par la foule.


And you know what? I think it's awesome, because it really makes me feel like I live in the city.

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