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Boat dock inside the house


Price: $25 million (sold as is)

Living Space: 65,000 sq.ft

Acreage: 43


It has an indoor pool and a golf course. No helipad though, which is weird. The place is 500 km from Toronto. Thats a nice commute.


Unfortunately current economic times did not allow for the completion of this monumental project and the offering is now a Court Appointed Sale offered in an “as is” state. While this listing does have an asking price the true intent of the offering is to encourage a qualified buyer to review the property, perform their own due diligence, and table an offer reflecting their opinion of market value for consideration.
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It is cool, but I prefer this one on the outskirts of Halifax NS (It says 20 minutes to the fax. That said, I think they mean 20 minutes to the limits of the Halifax Regional Municipality which is seriously the size of PEI and not actual Halifax city)




Look at that view!





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It is really nice. My grandfather has a piece of property on the coast near Bridgewater, on a bay opening to the Atlantic. There is a small island that when the tide is low you can walk to if you don't mind getting your shoes wet (bare foot or sandals are no good because the rocks are kind of jagged), the view is kickass :D Makes me want a boat...


Anyway they say "million dollar views" but in this case I think it should be a 3.6 million dollar view :D I especially like the bathtub looking over at the pool that looks over the ocean...

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