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St. Lambert shouts 'enough'


Loud music fests. Heavy MTL festival in Jean Drapeau Park less than one KM from suburbanites


By JAMES MCCALLUM, The Gazette July 24, 2010


In what is a blessing for some and a large headache for others, Jean Drapeau Park will be loud this weekend.


While metalheads will head-bang the night away during Heavy MTL, Montreal's heavy metal music festival, some St. Lambert residents across the river on the South Shore may break out the earplugs, and perhaps, some Advil.


To quote a popular Alice Cooper track, the town of just over 20,000 people has a message for Jean Drapeau Park: "No More Mr. Nice Guy."


Residents are becoming increasingly fed up, especially given the influx of more and more large-scale music festivals taking place across the water.


The music festivals in question are fairly new. Heavy MTL began in 2008 and Osheaga, taking place next weekend, began in 2006.


Many residents have signed a petition calling on the city to address the problem.


"A large number of people are affected by the noise," said resident Alain Clippe, who lives across the water from the park and who added his signature to the petition.


"People want to be calm. (Concertgoers) have the right to have fun but they can still have fun if they turn down the volume halfway," he said.


Thecityof St. Lambertis on board with the objectives of theSt. LambertCitizens against Noise Pollution (SLCNP), a vocal group of residents who are unhappy about the noise coming from the park during what they refer to as "Woodstock-style" concerts. This group is behind the petition to the city.


"It is an intolerable situation for the citizens," said St. Lambert city manager Michele Lortie.


For her, the situation has deteriorated because the number of events at the park "go up every year."


"We are conscious of the situation and we want to be more neighbour-friendly," said Jean Drapeau Park spokesperson Natalie Lasarde.


She added that festivals such as Osheaga, Heavy MTL and the Vans Warped Tour, a punk-themed festival, are run by private promoters. Therefore, while the park must ultimately approve the festivals, she said, it has no right to ask bands to turn down the volume.


"These festivals are not produced by us," said Lasarde. "We have no control over them."


The three festivals will likely draw in close to 40,000 people this summer, Lasarde said.


The Vans Warped Tour was on July 10.


"We want these shows here," she said. "It's important for us."


Christiane Menard has lived in St. Lambert for 59 years. She says her fellow residents should calm down a bit.


"We have bigger things to take care of," she said. "It doesn't bother me because it's only in the summer. If it was all year, it'd be a bigger deal."


She was "not certain" whether she would sign the petition.


The festivals at Jean Drapeau often begin around noon and wrap up around 11 p.m. Sound checks can be an added disturbance, often being heard long before the show.


Some St. Lambert residents live less than a kilometre from the stages.


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I have a daycare in front of my house, i have to put up with screaming kids every single day. There's also construction going on. If you want silence go live in the country.



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Les trois festivals ensemble font quoi? 6 jours sur l'année au complet?


Cry me a river.

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"We have bigger things to take care of," she said. "It doesn't bother me because it's only in the summer. If it was all year, it'd be a bigger deal."


She was "not certain" whether she would sign the petition.



Tout est là.

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St-Lambert residents are the biggest whiners and bitches in the Province! What else would you expect from the town with the oldest average age for its citizens!


Let them bitch and moan, their petition won't go anywhere! bunch of Losers!

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Its during the day, so these people shouldn't be allowed to complain.

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People that want all the pros of something (living barely minutes away from downtown) without the cons that go with it (noise and other things related to city-life) basically amount to selfish/inconsiderate assholes.

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