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J'ai un compte Twitter et je viens de voir que l'hotel Waldorf me suit. :)


Alors je fais un peu de recherche, et j'apprends que ce n'est pas de la chaîne Waldorf Astoria, mais un simple petit hotel familial et modeste sur la rue Hastings à Vancouver. J'ai souvent des connections sur Twitter qui viennent de ché pas ou' ... :goodvibes:


Tout ça pour vous dire que si vous êtes intéressés, vous pouvez me suivre ici




et affichez vous URL de Twitter si vous voulez qu'on se connecte. :highfive:

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Sorry guys, I'm not a fan. In fact, i'm going to have to go on a rant:


Twitter is just pushing social networking into obsessive compulsive levels of absurd.


Twitter is the ultimate manifestation of the creeping narcissism that is plaguing our culture. I don't care to know what you're doing every 10 seconds. Only a narcissist could post "About to have supper, then i'm gonna do the dishes" thinking they're so special that anybody actually gives a damn.


I'm not saying every Twitter user is a narcissist, and i'm sure you guys as MtlUrbers are cool :):) but... yeah. I hate Twitter. I'll stop there before i go too far, don't wanna insult anybody. I respect everybody's personal tastes and opinions, so use whatever site you like. I'll leave it at that ;) ;)

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Seeing Twitter as a "Power Facebook Status Thing" is just seeing/using it the wrong way.


I've been using it during the playoffs to interact with other fans (or opponents), during shows to see what people think about them, etc.


Rest of the time, I just get live news updates, hockey trades, stuff like that.


Of course, some people will abuse and put their life on it, but that's the same with everything, not just Twitter.

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I know lots of people use Twitter differently and do things that are actually interesting with it (like you mentioned) but the vast majority of Twitter users do not.


I remember this thing a while back where 50 random Twitter accounts were checked for 3 days and all but 4 were nothing but non-stop narcissistic drivel.


I understand and respect that some people use Twitter for interesting purposes, but the presence of so much crap just dilutes all that. :(


I must respectfully decline to use that site.

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Good thing with Twitter is that you don't have to follow narcissist people if you don't want to. ;)


Let people do what they want, I'll use it the way I think it should be.

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Ce que j'aime avec Twitter, c'est l'effet d'attraction. Lorsque tu parles d'un sujet donné, certains mots clés sont lancés dans le cyberespace, et ceux qui s'intéressent à ces mots clés peuvent venir te voir, et décider s'ils vont s'abonner à ton compte.


J'ai ainsi des groupes ou nébuleuses de gens et entreprises de partout dans le monde qui me suivent ou que je suis selon mes thèmes principaux d'intérêt.


J'utilise Twitter une fois de temps en temps, 3 ou 4 fois par semaine, en passant... :)

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