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I saw Total has ads in the metro now. Saw some of them at the Atwater stop.


I wonder if they are just for F1 or they are planning on coming to Montreal and setting up stations.


If they are setting up shop, I guess Power Corp wants to get back into the petrol business. Seeing they use to own Shell or something and they own a 4.0% stake in Total (through Pargesa Holding S.A)


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Their billboards are everywhere downtown on those big advertising columns.


I found it strange at first, because the billboards are showing 2 things unavailable here, although, total is present in canada in the tar sands business, so it might be a public relation thing, to give them a better press using the F1 as the focus.

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Total pourrait vendre de l’essence au pays


lesaffaires.com . les affaires.com . 08-06-2010




La pétrolière française Total évalue la possibilité d’étendre son réseau de distribution au Canada et de vendre de l’essence au pays, selon ce que rapporte Radio-Canada.


Christophe de Margerie, directeur général de l’entreprise, qui déjà très impliquée dans l’exploration et l’exploitation des sables bitumineux en Alberta, a affirmé sur les ondes de la société d’État que la compagnie étudiait ce scénario, sans donner de précisions sur un échéancier.


La compagnie originaire de l’Hexagone est aussi très impliquée dans le secteur des lubrifiants au Canada.


Selon M. de Margerie, l’implantation d’activités allant de la production jusqu’à la distribution à la pompe va dans l’ordre naturel des choses.


Cette déclaration survient alors que la pétrolière mène une surprenante campagne de publicité dans le métro et le centre-ville de Montréal, alors qu’approche le Grand Prix de Formule 1 le weekend prochain.



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Total SA, Europe's third biggest oil company, is betting heavily on Canada's oil sands. It is paying $1.15 billion for Calgary's UTS Energy Corp. which owns 20 per cent of the Fort Hills oil sands mining project in Northern Alberta.


Total is offering $3.08 a share for the UTS shares, or a premium of 46 per cent over Tuesday's close. Back in April 2009, UTS rejected a Total offer of $1.75 a share. Total will get UTS's cash reserves of $335 million, making the deal's net cost $1.15 billion.


CEO Christophe de Margerie, a frequent visitor to Canada, believes conventional oil supplies will peak in 2020 and the oil and gas industry must turn to the oil sands reserves of Canada and Venezuela. Total already has the Surmont and Josylin undeveloped oil sands projects in Northern Alberta.


Total will keep the 20 per cent stake in Fort Hills, a multi-billion-dollar project, and UTS's other assets will be spun off into a new company called Silver Beach Energy Corp.


Fort Hills is 60 per cent held by Suncor Energy Inc. and 20 per cent by Teck Resources Inc. There is speculation Teck may sell its stake to Suncor.


(Courtesy of The Montreal Gazette)

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