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Gulf of Mexico oil mess can and might happen here in Canada


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Chevron should be allowed to drill for oil off of Newfoundland. Without offshore drilling, Newfoundland becomes a have-not province again.


However, unlike "man-made global warming", an oil spill is a true environmental disaster. There are some valuable lessons to be learned from what is going on now in the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron should be forced to sign various contracts indicating that they are to be held fully accountable to the Government of Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for whatever environmental damage might occur as a result of this endeavor. It should be up to them to ensure that their "asses are covered".

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Like it or not, the gulf of Mexico spill happened because of a severely deregulated free-for-all environment.


If we provide sturdy regulations, demand strict safeguards, inspections and security measures, we can avoid a similar situation here.

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