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The Quebec government sends something via Xpress Post to my old address, even though they have my new address.


They sent out a letter March 16th and only got it today. I moved over a year ago, so they know the new address.


I have no idea who to blame for this incompetence. The Quebec government for not checking with the change of address or Canada post for not rerouting the letter (seeing they have the new address also).




Someone at Revenu Quebec and Canada Post is getting an earful tomorrow for this grade A fuck up!

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Unless you bought the mail redirection service fr over a year, it's not Canada Post fault, best they can do, is to send back the letter to the sender


I actually do have it for a year. The year is almost actually up... May something :mad:


Best thing is Revenu Quebec needed an answer back by April 2nd and I get the thing today. 12 days after the due date.


The icing on this all, the Xpress Post thing was open (I wasn't home to receive it)

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Dude I moved out of my parents in 2005 I think, and I still get my federal income paperwork at their address!!


And it's been years I changed my address, and years I submit taxes from my new address (that they gladly accept)!


WHen I moved, there's one website for Québec govt and everything was done flawlessly (pleasantly surprised)... what have you done to change your address?

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For provincial government there is indeed one site where you select all the agencies to which you want to make the change (SAAQ, RAMQ, revenu...)


For Federal, all I did was call Services Canada and they changed it in the system, so far so good

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LOL, I once got a ticket for not having my correct address on my license & registration. I told the police officer that I had changed my address but the government lost my address change or something. Of course he didn't believe me. I got the ticket. I had to go to court to present the proof that I had made an address change request and that they somehow didn't process it and I won.



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