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In order of importance


1. Hockey

2. Law and Order: the original (not that SVU crap)

3. C.A. (la série vient juste de se terminer! sniff, sniff!)

4. Californication

5. Family Guy

6. Dexter

7. Entourage

8. Top Gear (on BBC)

9. Mythbusters

10. Nova (on PBS)

11. Anthony Bourdain: No reservations

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My favourites (still making them):


The Office (US)

Top Gear


Pawn Stars

The O'Reilly Factor and other Fox News programs when I can catch them

Stossel (no matter what you think of him,he defends his point well)

Baseball (especially playoff baseball)

Playoff hockey

Travel shows


Classics (no new episodes):

King of the Hill (much better than Family Guy, IMO)


The Drew Carey Show

The A-Team

Magnum PI

Home Improvement

The Office (UK)

Shows that put me to sleep:

Reality shows

Law shows

Hospital shows

Space shows


Sports that aren't hockey or baseball

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Dexter is great! I saw a bunch of episodes on a Greyhound bus to Texas last year. Guy sitting next to me introduced me to the series on his laptop.


I ought to tune in and watch it... Mythbusters and Family guy seem popular so far ;)

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This is an easy one...

Right now, I'm tripping on


1. Spartacus; Blood and Sand

2. Pacific

3. Dexter

4. Californication

5. Fringe (I loved X-Files and this is very similar)

6. Family Guy

7. True Blood

8. Legend of the Seeker


Ornello, how good is Spartacus? Is it really worth watching?


I don't know if you watched the HBO series called Rome? It only lasted 2 seasons(it was planned that way), but it was the best show i ever saw on TV, does Spartacus even come close to Rome??

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