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Les tours Angrignon, phase 3 - 12 étages (2011)

étienne gougs

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Je ne réussi pas à localiser l'emplacement exacte de cette troisième tour. J'assume quelle sera situé sur le grand terrain vacant coin Angrignon et Newman tout près des deux autres déjà construites mais d'après les photos je ne vois pas les deux autres tours donc je me demandais.


De toute manière, il y a de l'espace à densification dans ce coin car trop de terrain de stationnement et de terrain inutilisé ou mal utilisé.

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Construction of third Angrignon tower

Pierre Boulanger par Pierre Boulanger

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Right in the heart of LaSalle, the beguiling silhouette of Les Tours Angrignon has been taking shape in the last six years. This development is a seniors’ residence and is part of Réseau Sélection which launched the construction of the third and final phase. This third tower will mean the addition of 120 housing units to the 330 already built.


A floor will be reserved for the care of residents who have lost their mobility and independence. This new phase will have an interior garden and new common areas like an activity hall and a theatre for animated shows that can accommodate 350 people. To be built with an investment of about $25 million, the new tower should be completed by summer or fall 2011.


The building is soundproof with inside and outside parking facilities. Multiple services will be available: beauty salon, dining room, chapel, financial kiosk, pharmacy and convenience store, billiards, interior pool, gym, Internet area and others. For lovers of art, literature, and music: home cinema, library, relaxation room with fireplace and piano, outside terraces with gardens, a 300-seat capacity theatre, a 24-hour surveillance seven days a week, smoke and heat detectors, emergency call system in each apartment and an auxiliary electric generator.


Phase III will have 11 floors with 3-1/4 and 4-1/2 type apartments except for the first floor which will have 22 apartments and a health center with medication and assistance to those who need help waking up and going to bed. An outside courtyard with fountains, walking paths, patios and park benches.


The rental office is located at 1500 Angrignon Boulevard. Telephone: 514 364-5111. Visit the web site at http://www.toursangrignon.com.


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