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5 nov 2007 | Nouvelle caméra, nouvelles photos!

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Just got my new camera, hope you like the pix! Some of these took a lot of work (crouching, sitting in weird positions, hardcore tripod action, dodging cars, people, dogs, etc... but it was fun)



First photo taken with new camera, my cat trying to steal my food :confused: Let's go downtown...



First night photo taken with new camera, testing out some things. This shot failed due to the cars stopped at the red light overloading the 15 second exposure. (I was anticipating the light to change but it didn't, boo.)



Testing out the zoom on this baby!



Now we're in business. University boul.


Alright time for some HDR...



First HDR with new camera!



Buildings just before the mountain with lovely Canada/Quebec flags to piss off Habsfan/Malek/Yarabundi :D (Joke, j'vous aime!)



Le 1000 la nuit



Criss que j'adore ce gratte-ciel...



I messed this one up, used incorrect settings, but here it is anyway.



I also messed this one, but here it is anyway.



The 1250 looks like a xmas tree!



Le 400 en construction



Le 400 en construction encore



Les tours Lepine



My favorite shot of the bunch : Tour de la Bourse.

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Man I hate HDR. The pictures are great, don't get me wrong. It's jsut a personnal opinion.


Still love the shot of the Tour de la Bourse. I'm a photographer, so i'd like to know the hardware you're using.

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As I can see thye weird positions work !!!!!!!!!! Ver very very nice shots. Love the first two HDR......nad also the Hdr of Le 400 in construction. Ver well done!!!



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