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    The tallest hotel in the country was finished last year. No it's not in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or even Edmonton. It is in Niagara Falls!


    It is 58 floors, 177 meters!




    Niagara Falls


    Photos are by vasiliymeshko from his I went over Niagara Falls! thread -


    Niagara Falls now has the tallest hotel in the country, the Hilton, which can be seen in these photos. We haven't seen much of the building in the forum so it's nice to finally get a look! :yes:







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    Plus isn't it a Hilton?


    With this all Niagra needs is more hotels like that and a boardwalk, so it can turn into another Atlantic City :P or they can go the Coney Island way and have a theme park of some sort LOL

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