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Meanwhile in Regina...


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Regina isn't the only Saskatchewan city getting nice towers. This might go up in Saskatoon:


River Landing Village


The history of this project, beginning in 2007, has been a rocky one to say the least. I won't get into the nitty gritty of it - but a project that fell victim to the global recession now appears to be a go again with a new business partner on board and the green light from the City of Saskatoon. The developer aims to break ground by fall. There are still doubts about this project moving forward, but people are very hopeful that it will - it is certainly unlike anything we've ever seen in Saskatoon before.


River Landing Village will consist of:

- A 20 floor condo tower with about ~200 units

- 100,000 s.f. of office space and 50,000 s.f. of ground floor retail situated in two separate buildings of 4 and 6 floors.

- A 12 floor Marriott brand hotel

- ~700 stall underground parking garage

- All arranged around a central public plaza

- Coming in at a price tag of about $250 million.
















Image source (and for more info): http://www.lakeplacidsaskatoon.com




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:rolleyes: Bon on respire par le nez, n'est-ce pas normal que toute ville tente de se renouveler avec des projets plus ou moins importants. Chacune y va en fonction de son marché et sa capacité à absorber les nouveaux espaces projetés.


Nous n'avons rien à envier à quiconque et ce n'est pas le projet Mackay, qui n'est au passage qu'une malheureuse erreur de parcours, qui va soudainement me faire saliver sur les projets des autres.


Soyons un peu plus réaliste, il y a le projet Altitude qui est déjà en marche, le projet Altoria en pré-vente et qui accuse, jusqu'à preuve du contraire, une certaine hésitation. Y aurait-il place pour le Mackay en même temps, qui s'adresse au même type de clientèle?


J'aimerais bien le croire et suis même le premier a espérer voir monter, un jour pas trop lointain, une superbe tour à condos d'une cinquantaine d'étages quelque part au cv. Mais comme le marché n'est pas élastique chaque projet selon sa taille a un effet sur l'offre et la demande.


Dans le contexte montréalais, les projets mixtes ont plus de chance de nous offrir ce genre de tour et je suis persuadé que plus le design serait audacieux plus il serait populaire.


Donc à l'inverse ce sera ces autres villes qui saliveront sur nos projets, peut-être plus tôt qu'on le pense??? Soyons positifs :goodvibes:

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199k! Screw that, I'd buy a little house on the prairie on the other side of the Ring Road for 45k$ and a Porsche! :D (seriously Regina needs a new name for their bypass, not yet a ring... Saskatoon has "Circle Drive" and that is lame enough, particularly since it isn't actually a circle, yet)


I wish we had such cheap properties here, or even, in Alberta! (the same stupid house would be like 400k)


I will say that it is really remarkable how well things are booming in Saskatchewan over the past few years... for ages it was always a place to run away from, now people are actually moving there. Maybe they will be the Alberta of the new millenium :D (as a side note, it is amusing how the politicking climate of SK has moved closer to Alberta's, that Saskatchewan's economy has also moved closer to it)

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