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I can't wait to get mine (had to ship it to Vermont) LOL :mad:


Only reason I got this baby is Android 2.1. I never use data on my phone, I'll still be using wifi. Even if I wanted to use data on my phone the 3G wont work until Videotron launches in the summer with their AWS spectrum.




It does suck that it doesn't have multitouch, but the voice command feature pretty interesting to say the least. I should hopefully be reviewing the phone, days after receiving it.


The competition in some way or another...


Nokia N900 (3G AWS w/QWERTY)

Sony X10 (3G w/o QWERTY exclusive to Rogers in 2Q10)

iPhone 3GS (3G w/o QWERTY supported by multiple carriers)

Motorola Droid / Milestone (3G AWS w/QWERTY)

Blackberry Storm2 (3G AWS w/QWERTY)


One main advantage I see with Nexus One the use of AMOLED. Only other phone from HTC that has it is Bravo. Only other manufacture that uses is AMOLED is Samsung.


3G AWS only works with WIND and soon DAVE (both are excluded from QC). Come on Videotron (summer).


One thing LG came out with the EVE which is sold exclusively with Rogers at the moment. LG also working now on EVE2 which the specs will rival Nexus One, seeing Qualcomm Snapdragon processing speed at 1 GHz.


One thing Apple has an advantage with ARM processors seeing they can handle 2 GHz (supposedly), time will only tell when they release their new generation iPhone in 2010.


One advantage that Nexus One has right now is with the WiFi 802.11n :goodvibes:

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Share on other sites 4-year old cellular phone just makes phone calls. Isn't that the point? ;)


:silly: :silly: :silly:

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Share on other sites 4-year old cellular phone just makes phone calls. Isn't that the point? ;)


:silly: :silly: :silly:




Who uses a phone to talk anymore? :silly: :silly: :silly:


I never talk on the phone. I use to use my hands to sms. Now I'll use my voice to sms LOL go figure how the tables have turned on me BAHAHA I guess my hands needed some downtime LOL

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Great phone. Sucks that I can't use the 3G.


There is a rumour that Rogers/Fido will be releasing the phone. OY

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Update is available :)


YAY! Multitouch on my baby.

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