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ville-marie Hôtel Mount Stephen - 12 étages


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Nom: Hôtel Mount Stephen

Hauteur en étages: 11

Hauteur en mètres:

Coût du projet: 25 000 000,00$

Promoteur: Groupe Tidan

Architecte: Lemay

Entrepreneur général:


Début de construction: 

Fin de construction: printemps 2017

Site internet: 

Lien webcam: 

Autres informations: Hôtel de 80 chambres sera construit à l'arrière de l'immeuble


Aperçu artistique du projet: 




Autres images: 

Vidéo promotionnelle:

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Thats a very bold design. Not sure I like it yet, but it certainly is bold.

As an aside, I've been in the Mt. Stephen Club many times for conferences and meetings. It doesn't seem like the house portion can be altered all that much - there are only a few closed hotel room sized rooms (even for a luxury hotel). It is mostly open plan, with larger closed rooms. More likely the ballroom, bar rooms and meeting rooms will have those same functions again in the new hotel.

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Why are the "dfsarch" and "lemaylab" designs so different? Which one will it be?


Either way, that's gonna eat up part of the parking lot corner maisonneuve/montagne? fine by me!!


In sort of related question, who owns the decrepit old building next to the Salvation Army citadel? On Drummond, and it stretches all the way to Stanley. Who was its last tenant? It's been shuttered for years.

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Idée un hôtel de haut gamme pour le club est très bonne mais ajout un autre hôtel à Montréal me laisse perplexe surtout que le taux occupation prévu pour 2012 est de 66%. Un problème que Montréal a dans le moment est l'octroi de gros congres d'envergure internationale du à la grandeur de notre palais des congres qui est trop petit malgré son agrandissement.


Enfin les touristes de passage auront embarra du choix mais idée initial du " Cristofe Alexandre " est bonne et s'intègrerait bien a immeuble du club

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wow, that's really really nice, a quantum leap beyond anything else currently being built, in design terms. very honestly, i'd stay at this hotel before i'd stay anywhere else, just on the basis of the design and unique lobby. looks like they're looking at two different heights, i couldn't imagine that would be a zoning issue, rather a financing/partnering one.

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