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    I think we could agree that all North Americans could use more exercise and a better diet.


    I think we should start by making daily gym classes mandatory for kids. Have it for an hour first thing every morning. It will help them concentrate better after and get higher grades as well. It will also promote good habits in terms of physical activity. Too often people only look at the diet side of the equation and neglect the exercise (which is arguably more important for kids)!

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    Diet programs, ab crunch machines, diet books, diet plans, protein diets, carb diets, fat diets, everything diets, everything programs...


    ...it's all silly and a waste of time and money.


    It's really quite simple:


    If you're fat and want to lose weight : calories burned > calories consumed

    If you're skinny and want to gain weight : calories consumed > caloried burned


    Calories burned = body's normal base metabolism + exercise/physical activity


    So count your calories, be conscious of what goes in and what is expended. Easier said than done? Definitely. But it's really simple. Burn more than you eat and you'll lose weight. There is no "magic bullet". Just a good lifestyle.

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