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For me, it's definitely the Royal Bank Building...I was walking around old Montreal today and I spent a good 5 minutes looking at it... I always seem to forget how cool it is.


From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Royal_Bank_Building,_Montreal)


Old Royal Bank Building, Montreal


Saint-Jacques street with the Royal Bank building (the tallest), 1935

Tour de la Banque Royale, todayThe Royal Bank building (In French: Tour de la Banque Royale) at 360 Saint-Jacques Street was built in 1926-1928 and was then the tallest building in the British Empire. The 22-storey 121-metre tower was built by the firm of York and Sawyer.



In 1907 the Royal Bank of Canada moved its head office from Halifax to Montreal. As the building in Saint-Jacob Street turned out to be too small, in 1926 the board of directors of the biggest bank in Canada hired New York architects York and Sawyer to build a prestigious new building on Saint-Jacques Street. Between 1920 and 1926 the bank had bought up all the property between Saint-Jacques, Saint-Pierre, Notre-Dame and Dollard Streets to demolish all the buildings there (including an old Mechanics' Institute and the ten-storey Bank of Ottawa building) in order to make space for the new 22-storey skyscraper.


In 1962, the Royal Bank moved its main office to another famous Montreal building, Place Ville-Marie. The Royal Bank still keeps a branch in the impressive main hall of the old building, situated in Old Montreal.


The little chimney thing on top is key!



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I agree with the first two above!


I have two additions:


1) Delano condominiums and its new facade:




This is how it used to look in the 1970's:




2) The whole UQAM science campus, downtown. Here are some pictures I have taken over the last three years:







































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Sorry to bring up a topic from long ago. But since its talking about the Royal bank building.


Today I went to my BMO branch in old montreal, and its such a beautiful building, they just don't make bank this way anymore.


Then my friend had to go to the RBC branch down the street to make a withdrawal, as I was walking down the street I noticed that the CIBC branch had closed and empty and I hear that RBC is going to do the same to there Old Montreal branch. I am very saddened by this. Its a very important part of Montreal's history.


I'm glad to know however that BMO has no plans to vacate there old montreal branch.

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The tough part isn't to find some nice buildings' date=' it's to figure which of those are underrated!


I guess I'll go with the "Caserne 30" building since it's in my neighbourhood:



Oui! Quel édifice magnifique! Et rarement mentionné où que ce soit.

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