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The American Institute of Architects recently turned 150 and to celebrate they decided to put together a list of 150 favorite American buildings (do they know how to party or what?).


Click forward to see which buildings made the top ten (you can see if any of your other personal favorites made the list here:



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16 of the top 20 are in New York & Washington DC...




:confused: surprised to see these 2 buildings at such positions


53: Apple Store 5th Avevue, NY

56: Rockefeller Center, NY

59: Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee

61: Transamerica Pyramid, SF

68: NY Times Building, NY

71: Hearst Tower, NY

72: Flatiron Building, NY

74: Gugghenheim Museum, NY

84: Yankee Stadium, NY

99: Disney Concert Hall, LA

125: Citicorp Center, NY

146: MOMA, NY

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