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A new super skyscraper has just been announced for South Korea and will tower over all other buildings in Asia when it is complete in 2014. From a global perspective, Lotte Super Tower 123, designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, falls just short of taking the title, and will be not the tallest but the second tallest skyscraper in the world. The structure will serve as the new corporate headquarters for the Lotte Group, whose subsidairy, Lotte Construction, will build it. Zoning has been approved and excavation is nearly complete. With aims towards LEED silver certification, the tower will have a strong environmental component and will offer Seoulians mixed-use areas such as shops, apartments, offices and a hotel.




To be built in the southern Jamsil section of the city near the Han River, the Super Lotte Tower will sit next to a key transportation hub, efficiently bringing in commuters as well as tourists eager to see the new attraction. Mixed-use development was a key element in the design, and the vertical city will include public transport connectors, retail and residential space, offices, a hotel, an observation deck, and other public areas. Exact details on the sustainable design elements of the structure have not been released, but the firm is aiming for LEED certification, which will hopefully by that time include building performance monitoring to ensure energy savings.




Kohn Pederson Fox, who is also responsible for the new eco-district Songdo IBD, is well known for designing super structures – especially in Asia. US architecture firms like KPF have been looking abroad for design work and have managed to stay afloat with contracts developing regions in Asia as well as the Middle East.



+ Kohn Pederson Fox Architects



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On parle souvent de Dubai, mais Songdo est une ville inventée, et en voie de matérialisation. Des dizaines de milliards sont dans le pipeline. Regardez la vidéo.



On vient de commencer le projet des tours les plus hautes aussi (lorsqu'elles seront complétées) en Asie. OUi, je sais, une autre! Les travaux viennent de commencer.




Year of Completion: 2014

600 meters (1,969 feet)

151 floors

Behind the News


This monstrous, two-pronged skyscraper will, by 2014, mark South Korea's ego-busting chops in anchoring the world's tallest building. The 2,000-foot-tall 151 Incheon Tower is in the planning stage, with a bold design concept manifested only in blueprints and scaled architectural models. In five years, Atlanta-based developer Portman Holdings, run by John Portman, plans to have brought the dream to fruition. Portman is leading the four-member consortium charged with constructing the 151-story colossus, a super high-rise tower poised to become an iconic Korean symbol and a giant first step toward a $17 billion mixed-use development.


The project is part of Songdo, a $42 billion city-within-a-city project set to transform Incheon into an international business hub. Its first phase opened earlier this month, unveiling a huge central park, a convention center and the first batch of residences and hotels. Within the tower, plans call for 54 floors of apartments, more than 1.5 million square feet of offices, restaurants, stores, an observatory and a five-star hotel. The Incheon Tower won't reach the world's tallest ranking, but will be tied with the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower as the fifth-tallest building when it is complete.


Size Does Matter: The Tallest Buildings in 2020.



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C'est ça qui arrive quand ta ville deviens surpeuplée et surcongestionnée... la buisness se transporte ailleurs.


En passant, la Corée ne voulait pas aussi construire une autre ville sur mesure pour y déménager sa capitale (de Séoul) ?.

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