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What program do you guys use?


I am right now using Google Voice. Costing me a pretty penny but it works. I can't wait for it to work in Canada. True it probably cheaper to use Skype.


The way I have it setup. I'm using a proxy from the US so I can access Google Voice. After paying $7/month for a US#. Having it forward to my phone and Google Voice. Its pretty cool.


Its nice being able to have sms being sent to my email now :)


Lets see how well I can get this to work (steps)


1. Virtual # forwards calls to my Montreal #.

2. Google Voice access my Virtual # and substitutes it with its own. So I can call and send sms from my laptop.


I just found out I get 60 minutes a month for $7 :/ Guess I will have to have DND on.


I guess $7/month is pretty good for unlimited SMS to/from the US. I just wish it would work with Mexico and South America :( Now thats going to cost me an arm and a leg.

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