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Nutrition in Motion Ltd. expands to Montreal

TORONTO, Oct. 16 /CNW/ - Nutrition in Motion Ltd. (NIMDIET.COM),

Toronto's most sought after fresh diet delivery service, has arrived in


Life on the Island just got a little less hectic and a lot healthier as

Nutrition in Motion Ltd. begins delivering healthy gourmet meals directly to

the doorsteps of Montreal residents. The city with a cuisine best known for

smoked meat sandwiches has a new option for those looking to eat healthily and

lose some weight.

Nutrition in Motion's Montreal diet delivery service provides clients

with three fresh daily meals, three snacks and a dessert conveniently

delivered to their door. Meals are portion controlled and consist of healthy

carbs as well as the right fats providing customers with effective weight loss

and balanced nutrition. Montreal resident Lindsey Spelder, who believes that

she would still be a fast food junkie if not for Nutrition in Motion Ltd.,

says "I'm not a good cook and I'm always working. I've been trying to lose

weight for years and Nutrition in Motion is really easy. For me it's a


The NIM Montreal comprehensive food program, including three meals,

snacks, dessert, and delivery costs $36.99 daily (or $1036.00 per month).

Nutrition in Motion Ltd. is a Canadian based diet company that has helped

thousands of Canadians slim down and achieve their desired weight. Through its

daily, full service weight loss program comprised of three meals and three

snacks delivered to the client's door, Nutrition in Motion Ltd. is becoming a

leader in the Canadian health and weight loss industry. Please visit Nutrition

in Motion Ltd. at www.nimdiet.com.



For further information: 2006 Highway 7, Unit No.1, Concord, Ontario,

L4K 1W6, Customerservice@nimdiet.com, www.nimdiet.com, (416) 486-1646

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