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Posted Aug 17 2009, 06:04 AM by Douglas McIntyre


Cocaine traces on dollar bills


Filed in the folder marked “facts most people would never imagine” is the news that nearly nine out of 10 bills in the U.S. are contaminated with cocaine.


Data released by the American Chemical Society says that “cocaine is present in up to 90 percent of paper money in the United States, particularly in large cities such as Baltimore, Boston, and Detroit. The scientists found traces of cocaine in 95 percent of the banknotes analyzed from Washington, D.C., alone.” :hyper:

Many of those bills were used at some point to actually take cocaine, but many were contaminated by being bundled with tainted bills.


The problem is growing rapidly. Two years ago, the number was 67%.


The information raises the opportunity for law enforcement agencies to use the traces of the substance to track the international movement of drugs. Most large transactions for products like cocaine and heroin are done in cash. The flow of illicit drugs has been nearly impossible to trace. That may have changed in just the last year or so.

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Voilà pourquoi c'est une bonne idée de laver nos mains avant de manger, surtout si on a touché de l'argent!




La cocaine ne devrait pas être votre premier soucis; les microbes sont beaucoup plus dangereux!

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Pour ceux qui sont en manque de "dope" ne reste plus qu'à gratter les billets pour avoir sa dose. Le travail de caissier pourrait alors devenir un emploi très recherché surtout là où se brasse de grosses sommes.


Avant on grattait des billets en espérant gagner un million et enfin pouvoir "tripper", aujourd'hui pour tripper on a plus qu'à gratter un million. :rotfl:

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