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Montreal to triple some parking fines

Last Updated: Monday, August 17, 2009 | 2:39 PM ET

CBC News


The price of parking illegally in Montreal could triple by the fall.


The city says it's seeing more and more problems with people parking illegally, and plans to boost ticket prices starting in October.


Executive committee member Sammy Forcillo says current fines simply aren't big enough to stop people from parking where they shouldn't. He says with some parking lots charging $18 to park, some drivers are choosing to take a chance on getting a $30 parking ticket.


The city says it's most concerned with people parking in places that are completely illegal, such as near an intersection where a parked car might block visibility. In those cases, the city plans to hand out $100 tickets come Oct. 1.


"If there's a car in front or if a person wants to stop there it's a matter of public safety, and for the handicapped I think it's common sense also. Handicapped people need to be respected in our society so that's the main idea," said Claude Dauphin, the executive committee member responsible for public security.


The fine for cars parked at expired meters or in a designated handicap parking spot will also rise, to $60.


Forcillo says this simply brings Montreal in line with many neighbouring cities.


It's estimated the increase in fines will net the city an additional $13 or $14 million, but Forcillo denies this is a cash grab. He says it's simply about getting people to respect the rules.


City council is expected to vote on the issue next week.

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I wouldn't have a problem with them increasing the fines for parking. I just ask that they make the signs a little easier to read and understand!


Il faut avouer que les enseignes sont assez difficiles à comprendre à MOntréal.

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Qu'ils augmentent les prix pour que le monde respectent la signalisation, fine by me, mais qu'ils appliquent la réglementation également pour tout le monde.


Combien de fois je vois l'agent de stationnement passer devant le truck de fedex ou une voiture de messager stationnée dans une zone d'arrêt illégal à 5h le soir sans rien faire, mais il va arrêter 2 voitures plus loin pour un parcomètre expiré là ou la voiture est stationnée légalement.

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