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Why is it that TD is the only Canadian bank that has an actual branch in NYC. While BMO and RBC have branches but in different cities. BMO and RBC both have their wealth management in NYC though :/


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OT: A while back Gothamist had a small article on TD seeing it wasn't like other banks, it was more friendly and there wasn't like bulletproof glass protecting the teller from people and stuff.

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I did some research for banks in North America (Canada/US) just market capital and here it goes.


1. JPMorgan (200.81 Billion $)

2. Bank of America (148.46 Billion $)

3. Wells Fargo (132.44 Billion $)

4. Royal Bank of Canada (72.62 Billion $)

5. Toronto-Domonion (54.64 Billion $)

6. Citigroup (53.24 Billion $)

7. Bank of Nova Scotia (45.96 Billion $)

8. U.S Bancorp (41.59 Billion $)

9. Bank of Montreal (27.79 Billion $)

10. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (23.21 Billion $)


Half of the top 10 are actually Canadian banks. Go Canada!


I know there is a few that I left out like:


1. Goldman Sachs

2. Morgan Stanley

3. Bank of New York Mellon


They aren't for "commoners"

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