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In keeping with the theme of creating a thread for each place, here's one for 1234. I'll make a bunch of threads for places that come to mind, maybe eventually we'll have a thread for every bar, restaurant, lounge, etc!


So, 1234.


Nice place, a little small, but it's got two floors and a nice terrasse.

Music: Music is good, MC Mario is there, though i've yet to see him and he wasn't there last saturday (i think he's there on saturdays?)

Drinks: Drinks are average price and the barmaids are friendly and reasonably fast

Ages and dress: Not velvet rope, but not casual either... middle of the road. Average ages are in the 21-28 range although i've spotted both 18 year olds and 35 year olds.

Bouncers: Average lineups on a saturday night. 10-15 min wait usually, during rush hour. Bouncers are friendly, never had delays.

Cover: I think it's 15$, not sure (the guy lets us in without paying and gives us a bunch of free passes, i don't know if we're the clientele he's looking for or he's just a nice guy..)

Misc: my girlfriend says the girl's bathrooms are bad and i find the men's bathrooms are fine, so go figure. Isn't it usually the opposite? Lol. Hip hop and pretty much anything on the top floor, mostly house, electro, etc. on the bottom floor.





Pic from last weekend

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1234 small?? nah man, its pretty big no?


I haven't been there in a year, the crowd is young but beautiful ;)


Individually, i find some areas a little small, like the second floor. When you look at the place as a whole with the different floors and terrasses though, yeah it's pretty big.


So Malek, when do we do a mtlurb night? I know a lot of us here on mtlurb are into nightlife! We should pick a bar or club, meet up and go spend a night, maybe get a table/bottle, etc.


I vote for one of the Saint-Laurent supperclubs or Opera or even 1234.



EDIT: you posted pix as i was posting. Nice pix! Damn that last girl's got some nice calves :highfive:;) Girl in third pic is a hottie too

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Do clubs in Montreal tend to be elitist? Not sure if you know what I'm talking about. When I was there most of my friends were Latin Americans so they would take me to clubs like Copacabana, Loco Loco (i think that's the name), and others.


I once had a bad experience on Crescent St. with some stupid bouncer who was acting all cocky and sh*t, for a club named Karina I think, Never ever again went to Crescent.

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With so many party people on mtlurb, we ought to get together sometime and appreciate our city's amazing nightlife :cool2:


Me and Malek discussed this a bit on the 1234 thread. Qui veut sortir mendné?


Personnellement je propose un des resto-clubs sur Saint-Laurent (on irait après le souper bien sur, vers minuit), Opera, 1234 ou Gogo, mais je suis ouvert à pas mal tout.

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