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Voici ce qui pourrait arriver...:rolleyes:


Like octopi, worms also 'deserve better'

National Post

Published: Monday, June 08, 2009


Re: Octopi Deserve Much Better, letter to the editor, June 2.


Although the plight of the octopus, as described by your letter-writer, is serious indeed, it is almost nothing in comparison to the mass slaughter of earthworms. These prosaic annelids are often looked down upon because of their demure figures and lack of attractiveness. Regrettably, after each rainfall, the earthworms crawl out upon the man-made roads and sidewalks. The unimaginable holocaust of earthworms ensues when automobiles and cruel-hearted pedestrians flatten their delicate bodies with tires or with the soles of their shoes. To make it worse, when the clouds clear, the sun shines down relentlessly, robbing the earthworms of the moisture necessary for survival.


Therefore, to save many innocent earthworm lives, we need to have Parliament ban the use of earthworms for fishing. We also need the police to close down roadways during and after each rainfall, until the last earthworm has been brought back to safety.


Only we can emancipate the earthworm and put an end to its pointless sufferings.


Pauline Kosalka, Kleinburg, Ont.

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It isn't always easy to make the right choice, but eating local produce is a good place to start




BURLINGTON, Vt. – Local food has been on my mind lately. It started last month when we cooked up a mess of wild dandelions, harvested by hand in the exotic locale of - our backyard. Then while looking for bargain dress-up clothes at a garage sale in our neighbourhood, I scored three kilograms of fresh-cut rhubarb for 30 cents, which I promptly made into a delicious compote that we've been inhaling nearly every morning for breakfast since.





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