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Montréal from 205m up high + panos in High DEF.


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also see my Montréal from 75m up + pano thread.


I met a friend of a friend who's a security supervisor in the tallest

building in Montréal. He heard about my photography so he agreed

on bringing me to the roof of 1000 rue de la Gauchètiere.


I was so excited that I did not wait, I called him the next day ( i did not

want him to forget about it) and showed up. It wasn't a sunny day and i

only had a super wide zoom ( i regretted that later because a zoom is

much need up there ).


It was not easy to take the pictures because its not easy to access the

roof all around. So not all the angles are covered... sigh... I couldn't get

the northern side where we see the center of the CBD and the mountain.


Did i tell you how excited I was? Once back down on earth i realized i had

shoot everything in the medium format... i wanted RAW :(


I also decided to include very high res pictures in this thread so you guys

can see all the details.


The good news is that I will be back there with super zoom on a sunny day to get more more more ;)


Anyhow, here goes:


it starts here:



A view to the west and 1250 René-Lévesque:




At the bottom, the Bell Center, and coming right into the heart of the city

the Ville Marie 720 highway.




Don't look down :eek: (no barrier whatsoever):




A northwestern view, with the Mountain, the St-Joseph Oratory and for the

first time some stuff from the other side of the mountain.




Condos condos condos... and St-Henri in the background:




The St-Lawrence river in the background with nun's island condos:




west cluster:




Looks like simcity :koko:




Top: Champlain bridge, busiest bridge in Canada I think.


Middle: heart of industrial Canada in the 19th century with the Lachine



Bottom: Old industrial buildings being converted into... condos :) With the

Engineering school on the right.




Mini pano with the Victoria bridge and the St-Lawrence seaway.



Mini pano with the Casino (white and gold buildings) and Habitat 67:




Mini pano with St-Helene island, the southshore and the Tour de la Bourse

in the foreground.




Mini pano with the Jacques-Cartier bridge (with LaRonde amusement park),

the old port in the foreground and very further the "new" port, the

Longueuil talls are in the middle on the other side of the bridge.




Mini pano with the River going as far as the eye can see and the eastern

part of Montréal:









La tour de la Bourse with parts of Old Montréal:




The international quarter, notice the roof-park on the very bottom of the





Mini pano, blurry because the camera was held at arms' lenght, we see part

of the mountain, place ville marie ... that would be the best angle in my

opinion if there was some kind of access... but there's none giving to that

part of the city:




A last closeup of Old Montréal:




Finally the two giant panos.


The view to the west:



To the east:



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Toronto may have taller buildings - but Montreal is beautiful in the summer. The mountain, old Montreal, the mix of old and new. Great shots. Reminds me why I love this city.

Keep hope everyone - winter is almost over. Soon we'll enjoy our city once again.

What kind of camera do you use?

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for those shots i used my trustworthy Canon 20D and a Tamron 17-35mm Dx lense.


I promise I will take more shots of Montreal this spring.

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