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Lamest Excuse of the Week: Potholes as a "natural traffic calming measure"


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Lamest Excuse of the Week: Potholes as a "natural traffic calming measure"

by Sam Abuelsamid on Apr 17th 2009 at 7:31PM




Here in Michigan, we're used to hearing plenty of worthless excuses about the crap condition of our roads. However, this one takes the cake. A local council in Essex, England has deemed broken roads a "natural traffic calming measure." If you didn't catch that, "traffic calming" is a euphemism used by politicians when discussing measures to slow the traffic flow through an area. Generally, the "calming" involves taking active measures, such as installing speed bumps, round-abouts or narrowing the road. To our knowledge it's never been (openly) done by neglecting what most people would consider one of the duties of a government -- maintaining basic infrastructure.


According to a councillor in Navestock, repairing roads just encourages people to drive faster. Of course, the counter argument involves safety. Leaving a road marked with craters causes drivers to swerve, as well as damaging suspension components and wheels. It also poses a hazard to motorcyclists and bike riders. Fortunately, the county council appears to be less short-sighted and plans to over-ride the local council and fix the roads.



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Potholes = swerving to avoid rolling over one = potential for accidents

Potholes = flat tires and even damage to the car

Potholes = instant 1-shot death to a bicycle tire, i know this from experience


Those people are idiots

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