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Vancouver Convention Centre West, Vancouver, Canada Thursday 02 Apr 2009


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Completed Vancouver Convention Centre West goes for Leed Gold certification




Vancouver's waterfront has a spectacular new addition in the completion of Vancouver Convention Centre West, the city's latest flagship eco-development which triples the total square footage and functional capacity of the Centre and completes the development of the public realm. With 6 acres of green roof it boasts the largest in Canada, and the largest non-industrial green roof in North America. This combined with many other eco-measures is set to help the project achieve LEED Canada Gold certification.




The project consists of 1.2 million sq ft divided into exhibition space, meeting rooms, 90,000 sq ft of retail space, a 55,000 sq ft ballroom and 400,000 sq ft of public realm including walkways and bikeways. All in, the project promises to be “a celebration of people and place and a model of sustainability”.




Architects LMN worked in collaboration with Vancouver-based Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership and DA Architects & Planners to design the centre which will be used as a hub to support 7,000 media during the XXI Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. But not suffice to support homosapians, a key element of the design was the restoration of the shoreline and marine habitat. Having worked with marine scientists, an underwater habitat skirt or artificial reef was developed as part of the centre’s foundation and now provides new habitat for barnacles, mussels, seaweed, starfish, crabs and various fish species. The green roof too is home to 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses, providing natural habitat to birds, insects and small mammals. But it will also provide vital insulation for the building.




Other eco-measures include black water treatment and desalinization, a heat pump system that takes advantage of the constant temperature of adjacent seawater, extensive use of controlled daylighting and energy efficient fixtures. Local materials including locally harvested Douglas fir and Hemlock have been used for wood finishes reducing the harmful effects of transportation on the environment.




Vancouver is a mixed bag of spectacular natural environment with an impressive urban core. This latest addition attempts to blend the two and create a synergy, acting as a powerful visual ambassador of the Pacific Northwest region’s commitment to sustainability.


Niki May Young

News Editor



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Vancouver est une belle ville avec un superbe skyline. Ce centre de convention est surement une belle addition mais je ne suis pas d'accord avec le terme ''impressive urban core'' à moins que je ne comprennent pas 100% de ce qu'ils veulent dire.


Le problème de Vancouver est justement qu'il n'y a pas grand monde dans les rues, surtout le soir et au centre-ville. Bien sur il y a certains endroits comme le West side, Kitsilano et un autre endroit plus loin dans l'est dont je ne me souviens du nom mais ce n'est jamais comapaable à Montréal par exemple.

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