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It says:


Tribe Hyper Club signed a contract with Paris Hilton to make sure that she’ll be there and will stay in the club for awhile. The club has arranged and is paying for her hotel stay and flight. Tonight, she’ll be sleeping in a trendy hotel in Old Montreal.

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Throng of fans, media head to Old Montreal to see starlet Paris Hilton


5 hours ago

MONTREAL - A horde of shouting fans and journalists converged on a street in Old Montreal on Sunday night to catch a glimpse of party girl Paris Hilton.

"I love Montreal," Hilton said as she left her hotel en route to the club. Shouts of "Paris, I love you!" could be heard from a crowd of about 60 onlookers who gathered in front of the St. James Hotel. A black SUV with bodyguards transported Hilton about 100 metres to the club, where dozens of fans had waited hours for her arrival.

Montreal's Tribe Hyperclub whisked the Hilton family fortune heiress into the city to help promote the club.

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