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It's a good thing. Will force our industries to invest in equipment if they want to stay competitive as opposed to just coasting on a cheap dollar.

If we could bring our productivity to 90% of the US's, that would be incredible.


Should be good for the economy in the mid-term. Will most likely cool down the Canadian manufacturing exports in the short term. But since resources are the major driver right now, should not be a problem.


Once the U.S. economy recovers (could be a recession next year), you will see the USD gaining back.

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If and when that happens, how much do you think the CDN$ be worth?


Well, that's a big guess. Currency value is reflective of overall economic strenght. So many things can happen in 3-5 years that whomever pretends that they know where the dollar is going, is pulling your leg.


However, a few key pieces of information can help you judge it for yourself:

- Canada's economy, although diversified, is mainly resources based. If you believe that there will be increased demand for those resources (think oil and minerals in the US and China), it is likely to sustain a high Cdn dollar

- If you believe that the Cdn productivity is still going to lag the same way it does now, that is a strong force in keeping the Cdn dollar down.


Personally, I have taken my money out of the U.S. and I am bullish on Canada. Seems that the 2 economic cycles have started to lose their sync lately (i.e. no recession in Canada in 2001 while there was one in the US. No drop in realestate in Cdn while there is one in the US)

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We hit 0.9802 at around 11am today whoa.


I wonder how bad this would be for economy, if someway or another the dollar was equal to the GBP.


I was reading something before. We are still paying a lot for many things. It would be nice if prices for many things would go down for once.


It's amazing how the Canadian Dollar is just about even with the American dollar, but we still pay more for everything like we did back when the dollar was in the 60 cent range.


What's up with that?


Some of these businesses need to realise that jsut because we are Canadians, does not mean we are stupid! Bring your prices down to match the dollar!


(Courtesy of CTV)

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businesses don't change their prices overnight, and we've seen many prices go down but I agree we still pay more for certain things (especially cars)


I know what you mean by the car aspect.


A while back I did a comparison between the cost of the Lexus LX470 in Canada and the US. The difference was over $30k CDN. It is honestly insane.

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Le huard fait une victime


Dernières nouvelles

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070918autobus-corbeil_n.jpg Photo: Corbeilbus.ca


La seule usine de Saint-Lin-Laurentides dans Lanaudière, les Entreprises Michel Corbeil, ferme ses portes.

Ce sont 205 travailleurs qui perdent leur emploi.

Son PDG, Camille Chartrand, explique que son entreprise qui assemble des autobus scolaires n'est plus compétitive face à ses concurrents américains.

La forte augmentation de la valeur du dollar canadien en serait la principale cause. Il admet aussi que la demande pour des autobus scolaires a baissé.

Entreprises Michel Corbeil a été pendant plusieurs années l'un des principaux assembleurs d'autobus scolaire pour le Canada et les États-Unis.

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