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Gretzky confirms Coyotes in trouble



January 16, 2009


VANCOUVER -- Phoenix Coyotes head coach Wayne Gretzky confirmed yesterday that the troubled NHL franchise requires financial assistance and is seeking an investor who could help keep the team in Arizona.


The Coyotes could lose as much as $45-million (all currency U.S.) this season, including interest payments, and owner Jerry Moyes is looking for a partner. He also is speaking to city officials in Glendale about the lease arrangement at the community-owned Arena.


Yesterday, when Gretzky was asked whether the owner could continue to operate the club, given its losses, he deferred queries to Moyes. But Gretzky, the club's coach and managing partner, also signalled that Moyes requires investment in the franchise and financial relief from the city of Glendale.


"I don't think it is any big secret that Mr. Moyes has asked for new partners or investors," Gretzky said. "Mr. Moyes is doing the best he can in working with the city and city officials. Our responsibility is to come, show up and play, and play the best we can."


Since The Globe and Mail began documenting the Coyotes' economic woes last month, no one from the club's management had confirmed that it was seeking financial help.


A TSN report on Wednesday said that as much as 80 per cent of the team is expected to be sold in the next two months, and that Moyes would retain as much as 20 per cent. Barring a sale, the club could be forced into bankruptcy proceedings. It is possible the Coyotes could be disbanded or moved out of Phoenix before next season.

The Coyotes entered a game against the Vancouver Canucks last night in seventh place, a playoff spot, in the Western Conference.


The team is trying to snap a seven-year postseason drought behind a youth movement that features seven players who are 22 or younger.


"The older players definitely don't let [the financial trouble] be a distraction, but the younger players don't understand it, maybe," said defenceman Derek Morris, the team's union representative. "We realize that things aren't good, but they are still treating us first-class here. They're allowing us to play hockey."

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It is possible the Coyotes could be disbanded or moved out of Phoenix before next season.


Excellent!! Peut être qu'elle sera déméanagée au Canada? Genre hamilton!

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Excellent!! Peut être qu'elle sera déméanagée au Canada? Genre hamilton!


À moins que Bettman continue dans son entêtement à ne pas vouloir déménager une franchise au nord.


Dans ce cas, Kansas City, Seatle, Portland (Orégon) et Las Vegas sont des cibles de choix.

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SI il ne veut pas déménager d'équipes au Canada, mon premier choix aux USA serait Seattle. C'est dans le nord et c'est à 2 heures de Vancouver(Rivalitée instantannée)

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Hartford wants the NHL back

Mayor meets with Bettman; `We have a great fan base left over from the Whaler days'


Jan 16, 2009 04:30 AM

Kevin McGran


Move over Winnipeg, step aside Kansas City. Hartford is the latest former NHL city that wants to get its game back.


The mayor of Hartford and an entourage of business leaders met this week with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.


"The meeting was to make sure we put Hartford on his radar screen as a city that is bullish about bringing hockey back to Hartford," said Mayor Eddie Perez. "We have a great fan base left over from the Hartford Whaler days, and I have a challenge as a mayor to figure out what to do with an aging civic centre, which has outlived its purpose."


The Hartford Civic Center – now the XL Center – was home to the Hartford Whalers until the team skipped town under owner Peter Karmanos to become the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997.


The arena was too small by NHL standards, and didn't have any luxury suites and a potential deal for a new, $145 million (U.S.) arena fell apart.


Now Hartford is in the middle of a revitalization, Perez said. There are more jobs downtown, new hotels opening and a convention centre was recently built, he said. The city wants to tear down the civic centre and build a new arena in the same location.


"(An NHL team) helps attract the kind of employers we want, it helps enhance our quality of life, it puts our state and city on the map on the national stage," said Perez, acknowledging the current North American-wide recession could become a barrier.


"Just because the economy has turned sour nationally, it doesn't mean we shouldn't stay with the plan that we have."


Perez didn't get a thumbs-up or thumbs-down from Bettman, but came away feeling as if Hartford had a shot if the NHL is looking to relocate or expand in the five years it would take for a new arena to be approved, financed and built.


"Nothing is going to happen overnight," said Perez. "I was impressed with the commissioner's historical knowledge of our market, of knowing we have some market potential here. ... He knew exactly where we were as a market, and what the potential may be and how to turn that potential into a real business proposition."

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Si une equipe demenagera a une autre ville, je pense que Kansas City recevra cette equipe, si Bettman a quelque chose a dire la-dessus. L'arena qui a ete construit, le Sprint Centre, semble etre parfait pour une equipe de hockey, et de plus ca pourrait promouvoir un rivalite avec l'autre equipe de Missouri, les Blues de St. Louis - qui peuvent utiliser un peu d'aide aussi.

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      Montreal, March 21st, 2012 - Ivanhoé Cambridge has selected Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with Sid Lee, to re-envision the Rockhill multi-residential complex, located in Montreal.
      "We are thrilled for the chance to work with Ivanhoé Cambridge Residential on the new Rockhill. This complex is part of Montreal's urban landscape and taking part in its revitalization is an honour for us," explains Jean Pelland, architect and senior partner. "This partnership with Ivanhoé Cambridge will allow Sid Lee Architecture to bring a fresh perspective to a building that has left its mark on Montreal."
      The idea is to breathe new life into the apartments and into this six-building complex, located at the foot of Mount Royal and 10 minutes from downtown Montreal. For Sylvain Fortier, president of the residential entity of Ivanhoé Cambridge, Sid Lee Architecture's approach really shines a spotlight on the Rockhill as a whole, with architecture being integrated not only into the infrastructure, but also the branding. Their ventures in residential real estate, urban development and retail are proof of their expertise and we believe that they are the best professionals for the project.
      In order to relive its glory days of the 1960s, the Rockhill, a multi-residential rental complex, will undergo a modernization, both architecturally speaking and in terms of branding, thanks to the teams at Sid Lee Architecture and Sid Lee. Due to its expertise in the fields of urban, architectural and interior design, Sid Lee Architecture was selected to re-envision the complex. The two teams will also be responsible for producing the strategy behind the new Rockhill, in line with Ivanhoé Cambridge Residential's vision of offering quality multi-residential housing in up-and-coming neighbourhoods boasting interesting perspectives.
      The Rockhill is located in Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood and comprises six rental buildings, over a thousand apartments and a small shopping mall. Built in the 1960s, it was Ivanhoé Cambridge's first multi-residential acquisition in Quebec.
      About Sid Lee Architecture –
      Founded in 2009 following the integration of architecture firm NOMADE (founded in 1999), Sid Lee Architecture is a partnership between seasoned architects and urban designers Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc, and Sid Lee, a global commercial creativity company. Established in Montreal, with satellite offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Paris (France), Sid Lee Architecture boasts a team of 25 architects, technicians, designers, managers and support personnel. This multidisciplinary team enjoys a solid reputation, having successfully carried out many large-scale projects. Sharing common views on interior design, brand strategy, urban approach, and the role of context, the Sid Lee Architecture team has had the opportunity to put its knowledge and expertise to work, successfully completing a wide range of multidisciplinary projects.
      About Sid Lee –
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      Find us on Facebook:
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      Architecture: Sid Lee Architecture
      Branding: Sid Lee
      Interviews available upon request
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      Ramener à Montréal les Jeux olympiques et, tant qu'à y être, une équipe de baseball professionnelle? L'avocat Guy Bertrand en rêve. Pour ce faire, il voudrait faire construire, à Montréal, une Cité des sports qui pourrait en outre relancer la pratique sportive chez les jeunes.
      L'avocat de Québec tentait depuis 2008 de mettre en oeuvre un projet entièrement privé d'amphithéâtre et de complexe hôtelier dans la région de la capitale. Pris de vitesse par le maire Régis Labeaume et son nouveau Colisée de 400 millions, Me Bertrand se tourne maintenant vers Montréal.
      Son entreprise, Consortium GB, vient de s'inscrire au registre des lobbyistes pour la construction d'une «Cité des sports» dans la métropole. Ce projet prévoit la construction d'un stade avec toit amovible pour accueillir des événements tant sportifs que culturels, un anneau de glace, un complexe hôtelier et des espaces commerciaux. Tout comme son projet de Québec, celui-ci serait «entièrement privé».
      Me Guy Bertrand ne nous a pas rappelés hier, mais son inscription comme lobbyiste en dit long. On y précise que «tous les sports d'hiver de même que les sports d'été ont été considérés dans le projet visant l'érection des infrastructures de La Cité des sports afin de favoriser le développement optimum des disciplines olympiques». L'objectif est «de permettre à la ville de Montréal de poser éventuellement sa candidature aux Jeux olympiques d'hiver comme aux Jeux olympiques d'été», peut-on lire.
      Dans un deuxième temps, «Consortium GB entend aussi prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour que Montréal obtienne une franchise de la Ligue nationale ou de la Ligue américaine de baseball». Me Bertrand et ses partenaires disent vouloir obtenir le «soutien moral» du gouvernement pour l'obtention de cette franchise.
      L'objectif de ce projet n'est pas que sportif, selon la présentation du projet. On souhaite «assurer le maintien et la valorisation du Québec français. N'oublions jamais que le sport est l'une des pierres angulaires de notre édifice culturel et qu'il fait partie du mode de vie et des traditions québécoises».
      L'emplacement prévu de la Cité des sports n'est pas précisé, mais le document consulté par La Presse permet de comprendre qu'il se trouverait près de Longueuil. En effet, on y écrit que des travaux de décontamination des sols et un aménagement de la desserte de transports en commun seront nécessaires, d'où la nécessité de discuter du projet avec les administrations des maires Gérald Tremblay et Caroline St-Hilaire.
      «Des projets de nouveaux stades, on nous en présente régulièrement depuis des années pour accueillir une équipe de baseball professionnelle ou semi-pro. C'est un dossier qu'on suit de très près», assure Martine Painchaud, attachée de presse du maire Tremblay. Celle-ci précise que tous les projets présentés jusqu'à présent ont été minés par des problèmes de financement et par la difficulté à trouver un bon emplacement. À Longueuil, le cabinet de la mairesse disait tout ignorer du projet.
      Partenaire expérimenté
      Guy Bertrand n'est pas seul dans ce projet. Quatre autres personnes sont inscrites au registre des lobbyistes pour en faire la promotion auprès du gouvernement. Deux d'entre eux, Patrick Bergé et Normand-Pierre Bilodeau, sont des dirigeants de Scéno Plus. Cette entreprise de Montréal se spécialise dans la construction de salles de spectacles et théâtres. Celle-ci a notamment conçu un complexe hôtelier de 2,4 milliards inauguré en avril à Atlantic City, le Revel.
      Scéno Plus a également travaillé sur les deux salles exploitées par le Cirque du Soleil à Las Vegas, ainsi que sur la construction du Colosseum, la salle de spectacle de 4000 sièges du Caesars Palace à Las Vegas aménagée en 2003 pour Céline Dion.
      Pour son premier projet d'amphithéâtre privé à Québec, Me Guy Bertrand a toujours refusé de dévoiler l'identité des investisseurs prêts à financer ses projets. En plus du complexe sportif et hôtelier, l'avocat disait vouloir ramener à Québec une franchise de la Ligue nationale de hockey. Ne limitant pas ses ambitions, il évoquait également l'idée d'attirer une équipe de la Ligue canadienne de football et une autre de la Major League Soccer. N'ayant pas réussi à convaincre le maire Régis Labeaume, Consortium GB avait également sollicité la ville voisine de Saint-Augustin pour ériger son complexe.
    • By monctezuma
      Emplacement exceptionnel sur l'avenue Victoria
      Design contemporain, style urbain, espace épuré
      Immeuble de 4 étages avec stationnement intérieur pour les résidents
      Espaces couvert pour les automobiles des visiteurs
      Toit terrasse communautaire
      Système de caméras intérieur et extérieur sur DVR
      Intercom avec caméra de l'entrée
      Condominiums 3 1/2- 4 1/2- 5 1/2
      Construction et produits de qualité supérieur
      Fenestration abondante
      Immeuble avec le service de Gaz Métro
      Insonorisation supérieur dans les planchers et murs mitoyen
      Vue sur le Country Club de St-Lambert et la ville de Montréal
    • By ScarletCoral
      Via Global News :
      Plans for Pointe-Claire eyesore in Valois Village
      By Amanda Kelly
      Global News
      MONTREAL – Pointe-Claire could soon be getting a long-awaited economic shot in the arm in the Valois district.
      Global News has learned there are three to four interested parities to buy an abandoned building on Donegani Avenue next to the Sources Boulevard overpass.
      RELATED: Residents want new mayor to initiate change in Pointe-Claire
      The restructuring company Richter has confirmed that both residential and commercial developers are involved in purchasing negotiations.
      No amounts are being released but Raymond Massi of Richter has confirmed that the numbers were significantly higher than the assessed value of more than $1.6 million.
      Richter has been appointed by the commercial division of the Quebec Superior Court to sell the property by the end of November.
      But Massi thinks a sale could occur within the next several months.
      POLL: Should Pointe-Claire’s Valois Village get a facelift?
      The building has been boarded up and abandoned for years.
      The mayor of Pointe-Claire wasn’t aware serious buyers had stepped forward but he’s thrilled with the news.
      “If somebody is interested in purchasing that property and they want to develop it we’re very happy,” Morris Trudeau said.
      “It would obviously help the area because it’s a depressed corner and it’s the window to Pointe-Claire when you arrive from the Montreal airport. To run into a building like that is just unacceptable.”
      © Shaw Media, 2014
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      Nouveau projet annoncé sur le site de McGill Immobilier.
      Quelqu'un a de l'info?
      Courriel reçu:
      Thank you for your interest in N2, new vibrant condo living on the Canal.
      We have a big surprise for you! All will be revealed in our next email, which you should receive by or around April 21st.
      In the meantime, please save the date of April 30th. It's going to be a grand unveiling!
      Very sincerely,
      The N2 Team