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Anyone here ever have Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints) try and recruit them? Talk about awkward.


I was walking along a random street in Greenfield Park, when suddenly two young women approach me (one of them was kind of hot, LMAO). They gave me a warm greeting as if they knew who I was (I was trying to figure out who these people were). Anyways, they start asking me if I believe in God. I told them I did, and that I was a non-practicing Presbyterian. Then they tried to "build on" that. They started rambling about the modern prophets after Jesus' death up until 400 AD. Then they started talking about the Book of Mormon (claiming it to be something like a Third Testament). This sort of thing went on for a while (I was kind of smirking the whole time, but perhaps they took this as a positive sign). Then they wanted to set up an appointment to convert me to Mormonism. They wanted to meet at my house, or over coffee (I thought Mormons weren't allowed to drink coffee???). Fortunatley I did not agree to set an appointment. I compromised and took one of their cards which they wrote their phone number on, "In case I changed my mind".


Talk about awkward. If it had been a two guys I might have ended the conversation sooner, but when an attractive young woman enthusiastically wants to talk to you, you don't exactly want to end the conversation then and there. Part of me wants to meet them to try and debate them, because I do find history/theology/philosophy can be a little interesting. However, the rational side of my brain is scared of being sucked into this peculiar religion, which I perceive to be something of a cult. I know I sure as hell don't want to be wandering around finding new recruits.

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Two Mormons from the western USA came by last year, it was winter and it was cold.. so i invited them in, offered them some coffee.


Their french was terribly broken and they were excited to come across someone that spoke english.


In the end we spoke for an hour, they came back 1 other time after they had called, and they gave me one of their bibles, which i have read in its entirety.


I told them quite frankly that i would not practice their religion, nor was i religious to begin with, but for the sake of my own cultural enrichment and education, i would read their book and learn about their faith (as i have with many other religions). I did, and it was interesting, and they genuinely appreciated it. They told me even if i wouldn't adopt their faith, if i could "gain" anything at all from their visits and my reading of their book, then it was "mission" ;) accomplished.


All in all really nice people, down to earth, nothing creepy about them at all. We talked about football and other things, i think they were also just glad to be able to talk in their own language.. hehe.

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Some 30 years ago when I was more of what we called a "freak" (heavier version of hippies) two Jehovah's witnesses rang at my door on a saturday morning. I was a D-J at the time which means that I never was in bed before 04h00 and very often back with a chick. So, early morning, I very often was screwing hard. Those insistant guys pissed me off and I answered the door naked with an obvious hard-on (hoping they would understand). I hoped to embarass them but on the contrary, they started rigth then and there their speech. Needless to tell you that I was surprised. I was definitely not expecting that. So, I closed the door on them and went back to my business.

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Moi aussi je me suis fait aborder par un mormon (une mormonne du Montana en fait) cette semaine [en lisant The End of Faith de Sam Harris, ce qui est franchement paradoxal] dans le métro... Ma théorie (franchement impressioniste mais soit) c'est que la nouvelle cohorte vient de débarquer et fait du zèle. Ils viennent me parler chaque année à la même période depuis trois ans maintenant (je dois vraiment avoir l'air d'une brebis égarée!).

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